OnlineMasterClass Roman Styx Presets

400 carefully built presets for information and mastering using Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced. Their use will help you save a lot of time when working on your projects.Presets are divided into categories and cover all basic tools that are used in musical production. After buying presets, you will receive an email with access to Antitrening online platform. There you will find a link to download presets and video installation instructions.
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HOLOGRAM.CC Hologram Vol.1 Sound Kit

This kit includes: - 173 One Shots
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HOOKSHOW Hood Soul Jazz 4

'Hood Soul Jazz 4' from Hookshow is filled with some unique Soulful, Jazz Piano, and Bass. You'll find versatile and amazing sounds in this pack. You will never know what you will find in this pack, that's why its called 'Hood Soul Jazz' Be sure and search in sounds for all the various series of Hood Soul Jazz!!
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Sonic Academy Ana 2 Presets Volume 13 Retro and Famous

ANA 2 Presets Vol 13 - Retro & Famous is the latest electrifying selection of retro and famous preset patches from Sonic Academy. Featuring expertly recreated sound design techniques from artists such as Depeche Mode, Donna Summer, New Order, Axel F, Paul Hardcastle, Toto and The Prodigy; these amazing retro and famous sounds will inspire you over and over again. This pack also focuses on recreating the sounds of world-famous classic synths like the Korg M1, Moog Model D, Roland Jupiter 8, Yamaha DX-7, Oberheim OB-Xa and Sequential Circuits Prophet.
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Jacob Borum Antidote

"Antidote" is a shot of inspiration to keep producing during these times. Full of up-beat flavor and chill vibes, "Antidote" ignites your creativity and puts you in a place to go crazy. Use for Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, Lo-Fi, Chill, and R&B. Enjoy 10 One-shot Drums 35 Melodic Loops Follow me IG @jacobborummusic
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How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days: Daily Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to play alto saxophone from master instructor Aaron Gardner. How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days is the ultimate alto saxophone book for absolute beginners. In this practical, step-by-step guide, saxophonist and master instructor Aaron Gardner teaches you the essential elements you need to know to get started as an alto sax player.
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Izzy Guerra Subliminals

Is a hard-hitting, vibe setting sound pack designed by producer Izzy Guerra to give your music a SUB-liminal bounce to it...
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Sound Effect of Godzilla Box Set 2

This is a 256kbps collection of Showa Era Godzilla/Toho sound effects from a 1995 2-disc Toshiba CD release. What makes this release unique is the amount of traditional Toho/Tsuburaya Productions sound effects outside the usual monster roars included, with just about anything from the classic explosions to the roaring F86 Sabre jet engines.
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Ask Video Animoog Z 101 Animoog Z Explored

Moog's Animoog Z expands on the original Animoog synth by stretching its modulation capabilities into the 3rd dimension. Explore this powerful instrument for iPad, iPhone and macOS in this course, by expert synthesist Rishabh Rajan.
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Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming: Learning Music with Code

Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming provides a foundation in music and code for the beginner. It shows how coding empowers new forms of creative expression while simplifying and automating many of the tedious aspects of production and composition.
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The Cognitive Continuum of Electronic Music

The electronic medium allows any audible sound to be contextualized as music. This brings about unique structural possibilities as spectrum, dynamics, space, and time become continuous dimensions of musical articulation. What we hear in electronic music ventures beyond what we traditionally characterize as musical sound and challenge our auditory perception on the one hand and our imagination on the other. Based on an extensive listening study conducted over four years, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of the cognitive processes involved in the experience of electronic music.
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DefRock Sounds 808

808 is a preset pack for Serum that will help you fill up the bass lines, especially in Trap and Hip-Hop genres. In this pack, we focused on creating 808 basses that could serve as an essential tool for modern music production.
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Industrial Strength Barcelona Hard Techno

'Barcelona Hard Techno' by Industrial Strength is created by Spanish producers who made a full collection of outstanding sounds which reflects the Hard Techno of Barcelona.
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Singomakers Atmo Drum and Bass

Singomakers are proud to present a brand new Atmo Drum & Bass sample pack. Inspired by sounds from Netsky, Calibre, Spectrasoul, Icicle, Zero-T, Hospital Records, Logistics, London Electricity to name a few!
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M3G Moguls Cleffed Synatra Series

'Cleffed' from our Synatra Series fuses hip hop and trap together with LIVE brass, soulful progressions, melodic keys, classic pianos, concerto style licks and riffs, sizzling hi hats, thumping kicks and quaking basses. Inspired by the sounds of J.Cole x Future,YBN Cordae x Joyner Lucas, Russ x Travis Scott and many more!
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