Reason RE Blamsoft Mark VIII Amplifier

Reason RE Blamsoft Mark VIII Amplifier

Mark VIII is a voltage-controlled amplifier with eight stereo inputs a mixed stereo output. It features panning and gain for each channel, a parametric EQ, and analog level meters. Mark VIII is typically used as the amplifier stage for a Polymodular System synthesizer but may also be used as a standalone EQ.

- Includes a parametric EQ!

Product Description:
When used in the Polymodular System, the level of Mark VIII's inputs are typically controlled by a Movement envelope. The stereo width can be adjusted with the Spread knob. The level meters and clip light give an indication of amplitude of the output signals.

There are modulation inputs for pan and output level. These inputs provide both CV and audio rate modulation for interesting effects.

Mark VIII is most powerful when used with the other devices in the Polymodular System. Don't miss out on the savings of buying these devices in a bundle. Be sure to check out Polymodular System I if you don't own Distributor, and Polymodular System II if you already own Distributor.

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