Reason RE Blamsoft t00b Distortion

Reason RE Blamsoft t00b Distortion

t00b Distortion contains industrial strength circuit simulation technology used to simulate a popular triode preamp stage. When overdriven, this circuit gives a classic warm tube distortion sound. This isn't your common black box approximation algorithm, this is real voltages and currents in a circuit simulation with the most accurate tube model available.

Be sure to check out the Distortion Trifecta bundle that includes t00b.

- Great for guitar. Adds punch to synths or drums!

Product Description:
Hear the subtle difference of swapping out the tube model. Four models are included. Adjust the tone with a circuit modeled tone stack from the Marshall JCM800 series. Distortion generates high frequencies so a bass boost is available for quick eq compensation. On the back, you have CV inputs available for the knobs and a Quality switch to control the CPU usage. Everything you need to get the tube sound in your mix.

The gain controls on t00b offer a wide range of possibilities. At very low distortion levels you can simply add a bit of warmth to a sound. Turn it up a bit for the classic tube distortion sound. Or crank it up high to get a really mean and gritty overdrive. t00b is great for both subtle tone coloration and full fledged distortion.

New in version 1.3.0: PDC Support

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