Reason RE Blamsoft F-16 Analog Filter

Reason RE Blamsoft F-16 Analog Filter

F-16 is a multi-mode voltage-controlled filter with a graphical frequency response display. It features sixteen modes, resonance compensation, and drive for analog-style soft clipping. You may recognize the modes from the famous Oberheim Matrix 12 and Xpander filter.

F-16 features the same accurate modeling technology used in VK-1 Viking Synthesizer. The ladder topology with 4-stage transistor saturation gives the filter a warm and rich Virtual Analog sound.

- Expand your possibilities with 16 filter modes!

Product Description:
F-16 is often used with the other components of Polymodular System to create modular synths. F-16 is typically used as a voltage controlled filter with Movement providing the cutoff frequency envelope.

Clicking and dragging on the display changes the cutoff frequency and resonance simultaneously. This can be used for recording automation or for real time performance.

F-16 features two filter algorithms so you can adjust the CPU usage to your needs. It has eight stereo channels so it can be used in the Polymodular System. The frequency and resonance inputs provide audio rate modulation.

F-16 is most powerful when used with the other devices in the Polymodular System. Don't miss out on the savings of buying these devices in a bundle. Be sure to check out Polymodular System I if you don't own Distributor, and Polymodular System II if you already own Distributor.

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