Softube Console 1

Softube Console 1

A totally unique hybrid between hardware and software, Softube Console 1 gives the best of both worlds, and redefines mixing in the DAW-based studio. Quickly switch between your tracks and control EQ, compressor, gate and more. Mix with the sound of the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E. Or customize your channels to fit your needs - there are over 70 Console 1 ready plug-ins available from Softube and Universal Audio.

Team R2R Note: (v2.5.9)
Because every single SSX modules for Console1 are iLok protected, bah, we
are tired explaining this! Since there are 32 modules currently available,
our release can save about 400MB (or more) RAM from heavy user.


* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than original.

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