Groove3 Rogue Amoeba Loopback Explained®

Studio pro Doug Zangar delivers comprehensive Rogue Amoeba Loopback video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know to use this amazing MacOS application that can easily pass and record audio from one application to another, in ways you thought impossible. These videos are designed for new Loopback users.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Production and Theory Hacks

Logic wiz Larry Holcombe presents detailed Logic Pro video tutorials! Watch and see how come up with new ideas, parts and performances using numerous features and functions in Logic Pro, that all work together in the same key and tempo. No music theory knowledge is required to use these tips, techniques and hacks, and the methods shown result in interesting and creative new parts that you can use for your songs and productions. The Logic project and audio files that are used in the videos are included via the course extras link so you can follow along with your Logic system! These videos are designed for those who already have an understanding of Logic Pro.
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Softube Console 1 Chandler Limited

A powerful and musical modern channel strip with the unique vintage sound of Chandler Limited®. The Zener-Bender for Console 1 combines the crisp and colorful character of the Curve Bender mastering equalizer with the big, punchy Zener Limiter to bring class, history, and most crucially of all, a phenomenal sonic impact.
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Softube Console 1 Fader

Building on the success of Softube Console 1 was never going to be easy. But like you, we believe in ambitious dreams. To further improve the epic workflow advantages Console 1 brings, we had to ask, “where can we go next?” The answer was clear, and the result is here.
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Softube Console 1 American Class A

Dream big, sound bigger. Gut-busting drums. Crackling, searing, face-melting guitars. Meaty, punching bass. Rich, up-front vocals. Wide-open, airy, living electronics. If you will it, it is no dream with the American Class A.
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Softube Console 1 British Class A

The Rolls-Royce of rock & roll mixing. Add body and character to your tracks with a Console 1 strip inspired by classic British units from the '60s and early '70s - collecting the most coveted and distinctive sounding units of the pro audio world in a single channel.
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PUREMIX Jacquire King Episode 6 Reviewing The Programming

To make the production sound more like a finished record during the tracking process, Jacquire often calls on producers like Spencer Thomson to add programming and additional production to songs. Now that the band's sounds are dialed in, it's time to dissect and review the tracks sent from Spencer to see what compliments the band, what might work better with some editing, and what can go to give the band the right energy while they track.
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PUREMIX Jacquire King Episode 5 Tweaking The Drums And Bass

The sounds are dialed in, and the band is ready to get some takes recorded live off of the floor Watch as Rich, Bryan, Paul, and Chris head into the Dangerous Room at Flux Studios to cut the live tracks for "Keep The Light On."
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Softube Console 1

A totally unique hybrid between hardware and software, Softube Console 1 gives the best of both worlds, and redefines mixing in the DAW-based studio. Quickly switch between your tracks and control EQ, compressor, gate and more. Mix with the sound of the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E. Or customize your channels to fit your needs - there are over 70 Console 1 ready plug-ins available from Softube and Universal Audio.
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Oversampled CYBERPACK 2077

CYBERPACK 2077 Sample Pack (2077 samples) takes you to the futuristic world of cyberpunk. We took inspiration from the Cyberpunk 2077’s official soundtrack, Blade Runner 2049, artists like Hyper, Gesaffelstein, Extra Terra and many more to create this masterpiece that will take you straight to the cyberpunk world. We’ve hired producers and sound designers who have been in the cyberpunk music for years to perfectly replicate the feel and vibe of this genre. If you wanna make heavy bangers yourself this pack is a MUST HAVE!
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Sonic Academy How To Make Peak Time Techno with Christian Vance

Back by popular demand Techno legend Christian Vance is more than welcome once again here at Sonic Academy with an all-new 'How To Make' course where he creates a fierce Peak Time Techno banger in Ableton Live!
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Gami X Fiori Otaku Drum Kit Vol.2

It’s finally here! The Otaku Vol. 2 Drum Kit by Fiori & Gami has been almost a year in the making. Over 800 sounds in this non-recycled drum kit make it one of our biggest and best kits so far. All drums and samples have been run through analog Preamps, EQs, a Handsome Audio Zulu, & an SSL Fusion for added depth and character.
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ProDrumLoops Trollin

Get these funked out drum loops inspired by the hit single "Rollin" by Calvin Harris ft. Future & Khalid! Download them now for any software like Apple Garageband, Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Ableton, or Pro Tools. You can even download the drum loops kit of WAVs for software such as FL Studio, Reason, and many more! Make sure to download these silky-smooth, funky drum loops in the style of Calvin Harris' song "Rollin" now!
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ProDrumLoops Way Round We Go

Get these alternative rock drum loops inspired by the hit single "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo! Download them now for any software like Apple Garageband, Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Ableton, or Pro Tools. You can even download the drum loops kit of WAVs for software such as FL Studio, Reason, and many more! Make sure to download these moody alternative rock drum loops in the style of Kaleo's song "Way Down We Go" now!
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Electronik Sound Lab Haunted Guitar

Haunted Guitar is a VST/VST3/AU instrument created with a multi-sampled Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar, each preset contains 28 samples processed with various high quality effects to achieve dark and spooky guitar sounds.
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