Polarity Music EFX Refract In Bitwig

Polarity Music EFX Refract In Bitwig

This video is a tutorial on replicating the EFX Refract plugin by Arturia in Bitwig Studio, emphasizing the use of Bitwig's grid. The main points include:

Refract Effect Replication: Replicating the basic concept of EFX Refract, a chorus-like effect, within Bitwig. The tutorial doesn't replicate the 3D interface or the harmonizer of the original plugin.
Creating Multiple Voices: Using Bitwig's grid to create up to 16 voices from a monophonic signal, exceeding the 8 voices limit in EFX Refract.
Applying Effects: Each voice is sent through a band pass filter or other effects like a comp filter, bit crusher, distortion, and an attempted harmonizer.
Modulation and Delay Settings: Detailed explanation of setting up and modulating delay and LFOs for each voice. This includes changing delay times, LFO rates, and phases to create a diverse chorus effect.
Stack Spread Modulator: Using this modulator to create varying delay times across voices, enhancing the chorus effect.
Stereo Panning: Implementing a technique for stereo spreading of voices, assigning different panning positions to each voice.
Filter and Modulation: Experimenting with band pass filters and modulation settings, including pitch and amplitude modulation for the attempted harmonizer effect.
Macro Controls: Incorporating macro controls to easily adjust parameters like modulation amounts and chorus intensity.
Downloadable Preset: A Bitwig preset replicating the effect is provided for download.
Limitations and Variations: Acknowledgment of limitations in fully replicating EFX Refract, especially the harmonizer, and encouragement to use this as inspiration for creating unique grid patches.

The tutorial concludes with a reminder that this is an inspiration-based approach, as replicating the exact sound and functionalities of EFX Refract is challenging due to unknown parameters and fine tunings.

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