Thought-Forms Intelligent Jungle Pads (Vol 2)

Thought-Forms Intelligent Jungle Pads (Vol 2)

I bestow upon you, the only jungle / drum & bass focused preset pack for the Korg Triton VST.

50 new presets (or "programs" in Korg speak) to utilize in your efforts producing:

Atmospheric Jungle / Drum & Bass



Atmospheric House

Any type of uncanny / futuristic retro music

The Korg Triton was a power house music workstation typically used by rap / hip hop producers. What you may not know, is that the Triton is one of the best romplers for big atmospheric pads that evoke an uncanny sensation. The Triton excels at evolving, swirling pads that scream 90s new age atmosphere. Breathy, airy, and out of this world.

Inside you will find 50 brand new presets: largely swirly motion based pads - but you'll also find a some oddities sprinkled in, such as atmospheric tops to layer with. Think outside the box - while these are pads, you can layer most of these presets by playing single notes on-top of another pad. Mix & match to get your own unique sound.

Note: This is for the Korg Triton VST only. It won't work with the hardware version.

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