WAVY Colors 2

Afrobeat melodies drum loops and textures. Posted on February 08, 2024
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IK-EY Vintage Dreams Vol.4

Vintage Dreams Vol.4 consists of 10 original samples inspired by 70's Deep Soul, Psych and Jazz Fusion. Each sample has multiple parts, sections, arranged in a way that makes it easy for any producer to pick and choose parts that grab their attention.
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'Endless' contains 10 original compositions made with live guitars, bass, pianos and synths Inspired by artists such as Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd, Lil Peep and other trap and alternative artists. For beats/instrumentals/collabs: prodtahto@gmail.com
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Hijo De Ramon Music Library Vol.1 (Compositions And Stems)

All engineered, produced and composed by CAMEone12 original samples with BPMs Compatible with any DAW / Stereo WAV 24-Bit Created using A Moog Sub37, Dave Smith Prophet 8 Rev2 and A handful of virtual instruments
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Abel Takan Tales from the North

R&B samples inspired by Summer Walker, H.E.R. and Sonder. Also included is a bonus Drum Kit and MIDI Kit, containing R&B chords to lay the groundwork for those late night feels. 100% royalty free and compatible with any DAW.
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SkillShare Composing Music with Generative AI

For those with a curiosity toward the future of music, composing music with generative AI has arrived at last. If, like me, you've been watching artificial pop stars take the billboards and stadiums across the US and Japan by storm, you must be curious about the entire process.
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Zcozy Spectral Multi Kit

Spectral includes +100 sounds. There are 30 Analog Lab Presets, 15 Accents & Vibes, 11 Percussion Breaks, 20 Percussion One Shots and 30 key-labeled Melodic One Shots. All samples are presented in industry-standard WAV quality. Easy to load and ready to add character to your samples. Analog Lab Presets are Compatible with Analog Lab V, Analog Lab Intro and Mellotron V.
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Lick Library Learn To Play Classic Rock Riffs Volume 2

Learn to play these killer riffs note for note. Lessons by Danny Gill This superb guitar lesson course will help you nail some of the greatest classic rock guitar riffs, lessons include: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge The Kinks - You Really Got Me The Beatles - Paperback Writer Radiohead - Creep Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way ZZ Top - La Grange Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction ZZ Top - Tush Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil Alice In Chains - Man In The Box Van Halen - I'm The One Black Sabbath - Iron Man Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town Foo Fighters - Everlong Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women AC/DC - Thunderstruck
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Thought-Forms Intelligent Jungle Pads (Vol 2)

I bestow upon you, the only jungle / drum & bass focused preset pack for the Korg Triton VST. 50 new presets (or "programs" in Korg speak) to utilize in your efforts producing:
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PastToFutureReverbs Fairchild 670 Tube Compressor

The KING of Compressors. Very hard to find and the most expensive compressor on the whole planet.
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Sean Tyas pres. abSTrakt In The Dark

The full final project file of Sean Tyas pres. abSTrakt - In The Dark. After years of me being a bit secretive with my own projects, it's time to push myself further by getting my own projects, unabridged, out there into the world
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Sonic Collective Soft Piano Arpeggios and Stacks

This pack of upright piano is focused on arpeggios with chord progressions inspired by film scores that trace their lineage to the work of composers such as Chopin, Ravel and Prokofiev. The performances are raw and rich, embracing the idiosyncrasies of the instrument and were recorded with tandem stereo pairs of Coles 4038s and Neumann KM184s.
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Sauceware Audio Trifecta

3 SOUNDS IN EVERY PRESET No more wasting time scrolling through tons of presets and effects trying to find the right match. We took multiple sounds that worked seamlessly together, and split them across your piano roll.
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Hijo De Ramon Music Library Vol.11 Encerrado (Compositions)

All engineered, produced and composed by CAMEone8 original samples with Stems, BPMs and Keys Compatible with any DAW / Stereo WAV 24-Bit Created using A Moog Sub37, Dave Smith Prophet Rev2, Upright Piano, Fender Rhodes
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Hijo De Ramon Music Library Vol.8 Secretos (Compositions)

All engineered, produced and composed by CAMEone10 original samples with BPMs Compatible with any DAW / Stereo WAV 24-Bit Created using A Moog Sub37, Dave Smith Prophet Rev2, Upright Piano, Fender Rhodes (Additional Guitar by Juan Alvarez)
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