Thought-Forms Intelligent Jungle Pads (Vol 1)

Thought-Forms Intelligent Jungle Pads (Vol 1)

I bring you the only jungle / drum & bass focused preset pack for the Korg Wavestation VST.

49 new "performances" (Korg speak for "patch") to utilize in your efforts producing:

Atmospheric Jungle / Drum & Bass



Atmospheric House

The Korg Wavestation is a legendary synth originally released in the early 90s. It was the soundtrack for many of our favorite 90s era video games, sci-fi film scores, and especially popular with the early "intelligent" drum & bass sound. It has a truly unique sound that hasn't really been matched to this day.

Go beyond the stock performances and put a classic vector synthesis touch on your productions. The bulk of the performances in here consist of swirly evolving pads - though you'll also find classic electric pianos, analog pads, and some other oddities. Play a nice minor 9 chord and hold it out. Bounce it to audio, throw it in a sampler - and behold the magic.

Note: This is for the Korg Wavestation VST only. It won't work with the hardware version.

Once downloaded, you will need to load the bank into the Wavestation. Video walkthrough of how to do that:

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