Toontrack Metal Fundamentals EZmix Pack

Toontrack Metal Fundamentals EZmix Pack

This EZmix pack for EZmix 2 was designed to bring you a collection of 50 go-to signal chain presets for the most fundamental building blocks in a metal track: drums, guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, mastering and more.

Need a drum bus, a secondary ambience or a quick-fix for your rattling snare? Got you. Good to go with your bass tone but just need a boost in the low end? A mouse-click away. Want a collection of guitar and bass tones, vocal settings or mastering presets tweaked for metal perfection at arm’s reach? It’s there too. You get the point: if you’re tired of juggling effects, tweaking things to bits and having your creative flow getting lost in the process, this is your new go-to source for relief.

Welcome to an EZmix pack of pure metal mix magic.

A total of 50 presets involving complex signal chains of effects
For the most fundamental instruments and hurdles in a metal mix
Presets designed to work for a variety of metal styles and genres
Drum buses, overheads, ambiences, rhythm, lead and clean guitar tones and more
Presets for lead vocals and vocal effects
Mastering settings

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