Neyrinck V-90 Symphonic

Vintage Symphonic Effect Plug-In Since 1985, musicians and mixers have cherished the SPX 90 and its symphonic effect for wide, lush, sweeping modulation on guitar, bass, synths, keys, and vocals. Now it has been profiled and meticulously modeled as a dedicated plug-in. Insert on any mono or stereo track in your favorite DAW and instantly get the exact same fierce beauty used on countless records and rigs. Dial in your favorite vibe with just two parameters: Modulation Frequency and Modulation Depth. It has no latency so it's great for tracking. It supports AAX DSP so it always runs on any Pro Tools Hybrid track or Avid Live Sound system.
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Nembrini Audio NA Nexus

"Nexus is an audio processing tool that offers high-quality sound manipulation capabilities in both standalone and plugin formats" SUBHOST Nexus is a plugin that hosts other plugins in VST, VST3, and AU format
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Welcome to a sound library of prestige beats and; advanced music loops. Thiccer Drums isn’t just about getting the perfect tone for your drum track, it’s about creating the atmosphere to envelop them in. Using concise production techniques and beautiful musicality, this sound library warps the listener into your world as a producer. Enjoy the immaculate sonics in Thiccer Drums now.
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Splice Soundscapes Caves

Since the very beginning of humanity caves have attracted us as safe-havens and gathering points that to this day still provide a feeling of mystique and history. Because of its resistance to change and the relative stability of its climate, the underground world perfectly preserves much anthropological and paleontological evidence that has taught us much about our fellow man. What do caves sound like? Can we capture that magical resonance and reverb of caves that transports us back to the times of ancient ancestors? 
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Four4 Raw Grooves - Live House and Techno

"Raw Grooves - Live House and; Techno" showcases the extraordinary talents of Tommaso Cappellato, an acclaimed Italian drummer, producer, and DJ celebrated for his innovative and unique drumming style. Drawing inspiration from Jazz, Hip Hop, and Dance music, Cappellato infuses his signature touch into every element of this sample pack. Immerse yourself in a meticulously curated collection of loops and one-shots that effortlessly traverse a spectrum of styles, from timeless funk beats to the infectious rhythms of Brazilian street music. "Raw Grooves" offers an unparalleled, gritty authenticity that will elevate your productions to new heights.
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Signal Path Mike Naran - Pop Punk Riffs

Guitarist Mike Naran not only knows pop-punk music, he's lived and breathed it, having played with Panic! At The Disco, The Ready Set, Sparks The Rescue, and a ton of other acts that would fit on the Vans Warped Tour circuit. Mike joined us at the Splice Sound Factory in LA to capture some of his signature guitar tones and style. This pack is a collection of guitar parts that would work well as song-starters for songwriters or one-shots and loops for anyone who wants to pull from the pop-punk style to manipulate or keep as-is.
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Touch Loops Nebula Sunrise

AUTHENTIC RETRO POP LOOPS Inspired by his fifth LP, ‘Dawn FM’, Nebula Sunrise jumps into the vibrant, vintage worlds of The Weekend and OneOhtrixPointNever. ‘Dawn FM’s exploration into 80s Synth-Pop, RnB, and Retro-Pop is as emotive as it is authentic to the era. Coupled with the worn-out-VHS production approach of OneOhtrixPointNever, it’s a style we couldn’t wait to start to play around with ourselves, creating something that echos the album for your own productions!
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The Him DSP Sub Ninja

Do you want a perfect low-end every mix? Sub Ninja is the perfect visual tool to help you nail the mix of your sub/bass and kicks. It helps you by showing you exactly what's going on in your low-end, making it easy to get a great mix.
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Acustica Audio Aero 2023

Aero is a plugin suite consisting of two FREE players, Aero Stomp and Aero Amp, each available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats. They represent a pioneering new project from Acustica aimed at the world of pro sound design and guitar. It's our first suite of Acqua plugins using our revolutionary AI-based Terra technology.
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Toontrack Metal Fundamentals EZmix Pack

This EZmix pack for EZmix 2 was designed to bring you a collection of 50 go-to signal chain presets for the most fundamental building blocks in a metal track: drums, guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, mastering and more.
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