Solar Eclipse soundset by Qui Robinez

Solar Eclipse soundset by Qui Robinez

This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg Wavestate has to offer.

In this sound set you will find 106 performances and 110 programs which you can use to build your own performances. They are the perfect building blocks for your own performances to start with.

There are Wave sequenced pads. Berlin skool performances, Solo sounds, Bass sounds, Synth sounds, Arpeggiator sounds, Lead sounds and many more in this set.

Almost all sounds have assigned performance knobs and a Modwheel feature.


These sounds must be loaded in the Korg Wavestate by loading them in the official Korg Wavestate Librarian which you can download on the Korg website. Be sure that you have a working librarian before buying sounds, because it's the only way to load sounds into the Korg Wavestate.

NOTE: This is for hardware Korg Wavestate.

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