NITELIFE Audio Altered Drum and Bass

Altered Drum & Bass from NITELIFE Audio is an all-new royalty-free collection of over 400 killer, club-ready sounds to help you craft standout drum & bass tracks.
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Katunchik Sounds Lofi and Chill

Hey, Folks! The ‘Lofi & Chill’ Sample Pack is perfectly set for Hip Hop, Lofi, Downtempo, Electronica and Future Beats. All loops are ranging from 70-90PM, ready to drag and drop into your favourite DAW and get the grooves rolling! This samples are ready for your own Lo-Fi jams!
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Abstract State Dark Underground

This professionally crafted sample pack is going new paths and explores one of the roots of modern electronic music, Techno and Tech House sounds ready to be dragged in your next club banger.
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Naim Hakim Fresh Produce Pack Vol.1 Runnit

Fresh Produce Pack Vol 1: Runnit is the first installation of the Fresh Produce Series. Fresh Produce is a series of samples curated by Naim Hakim in collaboration with Partica Artist Group. The lineup for this series includes the meanest up-n-coming experimental-trap producers to smash beats. Vol. 1 is featuring original samples, recordings, loops brought to you by Producer Runnit. The main mission of Fresh Produce is to offer rising producers an opportunity to share the latest cutting edg-e sounds that will smash the vennue.
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Solar Eclipse soundset by Qui Robinez

This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg Wavestate has to offer. In this sound set you will find 106 performances and 110 programs which you can use to build your own performances. They are the perfect building blocks for your own performances to start with.
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Gio Israel Jewish Essentials Hasidic Spirit

Gio Israel is an explorer to the hidden sounds of the world. In this journey we embark on a discovery of instrumental musical traditions of the Ashkenazi Jews of Central and Eastern Europe, also known as ‘Klezmer’ (from Hebrew - kĕlēy zemer, meaning musical instruments).
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Function Loops Vocal Philosophy with Lokka Vox

A brand new vocal pack from Function Loops is something different and fresh, not the usual stuff you can find around! Recorded exclusively by Lokka Vox. Loaded with speech, hooks, phrases and lo-fi vocals this insane content will add magic to any production, multi-genre.
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Sonic Extensions Nylon Sky

Ultimate Ambient Acoustic Guitar… This inspiring Sonic Extension is based on the most expressive nylon guitar ever done for Omnisphere – but that’s just the beginning! Nylon Sky™ combines this extremely deep-sampled instrument with Omnisphere’s synthesis power and the gorgeous new Sky FX to create stunning ambient organic sounds. Authentic rhythmic Patches take full advantage of brand new innovative Arpeggiator features and transform your playing into unbelievably realistic strumming patterns. Nylon Sky will inspire for years to come!
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Sonic Extensions Seismic Shock

When it’s time for the Nuclear Option… Sonic power reigns supreme in Seismic Shock™. By fusing epic sounds with the next-level Seismic FX, a vast amount of new terrain is covered – from throbbing rhythms to highly playable sounds. Designed for producers in search of maximum impact, you’ll unearth an arsenal of killer tools in Seismic Shock for all kinds of modern production.
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Sonic Extensions Unclean Machine

Living in Retroland… Get ready for the ultimate LO-FI experience! With Omnisphere’s famous “Retroland” category becoming a major hit with producers, we decided it was time to develop an entire Sonic Extension dedicated to these iconic sounds. With the ultra-vibey new Unclean FX and a gigantic variety of over 2,000 sounds, Unclean Machine™ is the perfect sauce for getting those nostalgic feels cooking!
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Sonic Extensions Undercurrent

Journey to the Darkside… With its vast world of evocative moods and brooding textures, Undercurrent™ is the quintessential tool for dark electronic music production. Highly playable and customizable, you’ll find truly endless creative possibilities. These remarkable sounds and highly versatile effects are an indispensable palette for any forward-thinking composer/producer.
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Diaspora Under The Sun Caribbean Drums

Under The Sun is a drum loop pack created by Bendji Allonce, percussionist-extraordinaire. This pack features 50 drum/percussion loops in the style of salsa, kompa, soca, reggae, Afro Cuban, cumbia, and dancehall. Each drum loop is mixed in four different varieties, totaling 200 drum loops. In addition, there are over 140 percussion one-shots in the style of each genre, so you can create various different user-instruments.
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Cj Rhen Striking Sax

This release features the tenor sax and alto sax based on Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart". All licks fit over E minor. This release emphasizes smooth licks with sensual vibrato all the way to striking rips and fast aggressive grooves. Check out my Instagram @cjrhenmusic and my website for collabs.
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BFractal Music Dark Soundscape

This is a new exclusive collection created by BFractal Music where we can find different textures, pads and atmospheres inspired by the industrial sounds of the deepest dark underground. Whether you are making a film score, downtempo chill, Dubstep, Techno or Progressive track this pack has what you need inside for instant inspiration! We took these soundscapes to a whole new level by layering and pitch shifting these wav stems to a new dimension and what we got as a result will blow your mind and your speakers!
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Flintpope Downtempo

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