Triple Spiral Audio Empty Fields F.3

Triple Spiral Audio Empty Fields F.3

Empty Fields – F.3 for Falcon by UVI was an ongoing project with 10 releases in a one year timespan (every 4/5 weeks a new release). Each release contained 50 new patches crafted from new recorded material and using the synthesis from Falcon. And though it shares the same setup as the soundset F.2, this is a completely new soundset with its own character and sampling material.

The full released soundset included 10 different sets with a total of 510 presets, 50 multis and 15 MPE presets.

With this project for both Falcon and Omnisphere 2 I wanted to capture the ever changing beauty of these Empty Fields and let myself inspire to create and record on a monthly base new material.

The first pack contains 60 patches which are divided into ARP’s + Sequences, Basses, Leads, Keys, Pads and Soundscapes and the character of this soundset is ambient, mysterious, light and nostalgic.

The second pack contains 50 patches and 7 multis with an ambient, warm, nostalgic and moving character.

The third pack contains 50 patches and 7 multis and have of lot of patches with all kinds of movement, warm lush pads, nicely overdriven leads, mysterious soundscapes and fun key patches.

The fourth pack contains 50 patches and 7 multis and has found its inspiration in a very hot and dry summer. This results in warm, big pads, mysterious and agile soundscapes, a new series of mystique snare instruments and of course some nice moving arp’s and sequences with a slightly lighter character.

The fifth pack contains 50 patches and 5 multis and has found its inspiration in the endurance of the summer. Warm, but also mystique and mysterious sounds with lots of textures and colours.

The sixth pack contains 50 patches and 5 multis and shows the transition from summer to autumn. Rich and colourful presets with a slightly mysterious and edgy character.

The seventh pack contains 50 patches, 7 multis and has a raw, dark analog sound with mysterious soundscapes and pads and haunting ARP’s. The pack reflects a somber early winter period with long dark days.

The eight pack contains 50 patches, 5 multis and has a warm and mysterious ambience with lush, quiet and mysterious pads, playful arps and some haunting and mysterious soundscapes. The inspiration has been found by the sometimes spooky winter ambiences.

Pack 9 and 10 contains mysterious ambiences, flowing leads, pulsing arp’s and sequences and beautiful pads

Requires the UVI synth Falcon 2.0 (not included) – does not work with UVI Workstation

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