TRX Machinemusic Warehouse Techno Percussion

A crucial selection of gritty tailored percussive hits, textures and one-shots for warehouse techno construction. 'Nuff said - see you in the backroom...
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Plugins That Knock KNOCK

MAKE YOUR DRUMS KNOCK This is the last plugin you will ever need to make your drums KNOCK and punch through your mix. This plugin was meticulously crafted by platinum producer & award winning sound designer, DECAP. It is inspired by the signature sound of his popular drum kit series DRUMS THAT KNOCK, which has helped shaped the sonics of modern music.
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Servida Music Daydreaming MIDI Kit

The Daydreaming MIDI Kit is made of up of dreamy, ambient melodies. Great for downtempo genres like lofi, R&B, chillstep and much more! Daydreaming MIDI Kit includes:
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Major Loops Rnb Lovescapes

Rnb Lovescapes is loaded with Royalty-Free Rnb Loops, Inspired by The Weeknd, Summer Walker, Doja Cat. Rihanna, Ariana Grande and others. This kit is perfect for beginners or well established producers looking to work with something different.Every Loop in this kit was created at the highest quality.
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Triple Spiral Audio Empty Fields F.3

Empty Fields – F.3 for Falcon by UVI was an ongoing project with 10 releases in a one year timespan (every 4/5 weeks a new release). Each release contained 50 new patches crafted from new recorded material and using the synthesis from Falcon. And though it shares the same setup as the soundset F.2, this is a completely new soundset with its own character and sampling material.
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BFractal Music Dark Soul

BFractal Music is here again, This time we are presenting the ¨Dark Soul¨ – custom-made drum samples and Hip Hop melodies library from wicked and creative producer/beatmaker. This collection fits perfectly for those extremely popular styles like Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, Lo-Fi, R&B and other related subgenres.
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Rigid Audio Resomonia

Resomonia is a set of 128 „high-resonance„ textures and soundscapes. It works by tuning the cutoff frequency of a filter so that it can be played melodically. Resomonia features multisampled soundsets, high quality onboard effects like reverb and a so-called „chime“-effect as well as unique interference and fluctuation effects.
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Plughugger Zero Point One

Zero Point One is a cinematic collection of sounds inspired by classic Cyberpunk movies and computer games, such as Bladerunner and the Deus Ex and Shadowrun . Sonically, it’s a blend of old and modern synthetic gear and acoustic instruments, such as string machines by Logan and Elka, cheap circuit-bent keyboards, acoustic strings, dreamy pianons, dystopian soundscapes and pads. Lots and lots of pads.
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Arteria PlanaSphere

Planasphere provides the perfect soundbed for your chillout and cinematic productions, in the way of 30 arp based melodies and bass sequences. All 30 samples run at 125bpm
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Maserati Sparks Yokai

“ Yokai Samples” is a sample pack with 16 melodies that are for all your hip hop needs, these melodies will give you that current sound that you are looking for and be you ahead of the pack. Enjoy and more to come !
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Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Burnt Hues

REEL TO REEL Vinyl stacks and loose, bumping tracks. BURNT HUES delivers the sample-heavy aesthetic that has defined the prolific, cult sound of West Coast crate-digging hip hop from the early 2000s until today.
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Perdu & Yourbabymind Quantum One Shot Kit

Includes 70+ High Quality One Shots and 10 Bonus MIDIS in the style of Yeat, Ken Carson, Playboi Carti, Experimental and more! "QUANTUM" One Shot Kit | YEAT, Ken Carson, Playboi Carti [Sound Kit]
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PfelierBeats x prodbyjayyy Fantasy Drum Kit

[+190] | "FANTASY" | UK/NY Drill X Trap Drum Kit | [808MELO, WONDAGURL, POP SMOKE] -15 808s - 3 Crash
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Waverley Instruments Synthetic Materials

Synthetic Materials is a simple, but powerful KONTAKT instrument fuelled by a rich assortment of modern-day classic analog and wavetable synthesiser sounds, complete with a scale-quantised semi-generative sequencer.
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The Cure FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Most Heartbreakingly Excellent Rock Band the World Has Ever Known

Led by the iconic frontman Robert Smith, the Cure remain one of the most beloved and influential bands in the history of alternative rock. Thanks in part to classic singles like "Just Like Heaven," "Boys Don't Cry," "Lovesong," "In Between Days," and many others, the Cure have sold millions of records worldwide and have performed in front of countless fans in every corner of the globe. Albums like Disintegration, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, and The Head on the Door are universally hailed as landmarks of the genre.
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