Jay Maas is a producer, engineer and musician from Boston, MA. His recording resume reads like a who’s who of contemporary underground music. Operating out of his personal studio, Getaway Recording, he has produced and engineered recordings for bands such as Title Fight, Defeater, Counterparts, Bane, Transit, Verse, Make Do And Mend, No Trigger, Cruel Hand and Strike Anywhere.
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In the heart of the city, lies the heart of the beat.

This is Dark + Chill. This drum sample library merges the classic club sounds of moody 1990’s techno with the cool of modern pop. Custom made fresh sounds uniquely processed and layered samples with Tempest, RYTM, Machinedrum, Eurorack Modular Synth, 808, 909, 606, and MFB Tanzbar hardware machines.
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Loopmasters presents Deep Impressions – a sonic exploration of House featuring chunky bass frequencies, lush musical elements and a solid bed of drums. Every element is 100% royalty free, giving you Loops, Hits and Sampler patches to create an ocean of production grooves.
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Each template contains a demo mix, Mastering, then the separated audio tracks (Apple Loops) and EXS24 instruments, allowing you to change the tempo, the key, to mix, match and tweak each and every melodic, rhythmic and textural element at your convenience, to build your own arrangement.
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