Prodigye MIDI ID Ultimate Midi Chord Collection

Prodigye MIDI ID Ultimate Midi Chord Collection

The new Prodigyé MIDI ID delivers music theory at your fingertips in a way that is fun and opens up to new creative possibilities. Choose from over 250 of every fundamental chord you can think of and build your next hit song. And it’s as easy as dragging and dropping chords into your favorite synth or VST instrument.

Get instant inspiration
It's no secret that chords are the basic foundation for almost every single hit song out there. MIDI ID not only offers the basic fundamental chords, but also includes really complex embellished chords that stretch your imagination and creativity beyond the basics.

Finish tracks easily
Boost your productivity and workflow. MIDI ID is three times quicker than drawing or painting chords in your midi editor. Save time with our simple drag and drop chords, even if you don't have a midi keyboard.

Go beyond basic chords
Eliminate the need to memorize complex music theory and go beyond the basics with our advanced chord features, so you can focus on what matters most.


· 07 A Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 Ab Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 B Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 Bb Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 C Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 D Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 Db Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 E Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 Eb Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 F Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 F# Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 G Major Chords (.mid)
· 07 A Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 Ab Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 B Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 Bb Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 C Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 D Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 Db Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 E Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 Eb Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 F Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 F# Minor Chords (.mid)
· 07 G Minor Chords (.mid)
· 59 Embellished Chords (.mid)

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