Midilatino Salsa Trap Loops

Las congas cubanas, la tambora de Puerto Rico y la Salsa de Colombia, las fusionamos con el Trap tipico de Atlanta para traerte unos Loops exclusivos que te van a ayudar mucho a la hora de componer. ¡Sal de la monotonía y empieza a utilizar nuestro SALSA-TRAP Loops Pack hoy mismo!
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Thakit Tha Supreme

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LANKGOD Lank's Red Hot Vol.1

This is my first sample pack. It's a royalty-free hip-hop sample pack comprised mostly of drum sounds, with a handful of loops and 808s included as well. I plan to release a bunch of cheap/free sample packs, including New New York Brass, a set of multisample brass instruments that should arrive in the next couple weeks.
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LANKGOD Low End Fury Vol.2

This is a sample pack of royalty-free bass sounds I made out of recordings I took at home. It's a combination of bass one-shots and multisample basses in a wide range of styles. I used wavetable synthesis and a variety of effects to thicken up the original recordings and give them the ample low end they deserve. While I don't really enjoy charging people more than a dollar or two for samples, making the multisample instruments was long, tedious work, and there are a lot of them. So I want four dollars (the sixty-four cents covers Gumroad's fees).
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Trip Digital Rhythm Pathways

What better way to start an adventure than with Witewolf's epic Rhythm Pathways. Raw Bass Samples will guide every step of your Journey. This pack is bursting at the seams with 33 different riffs, hits, runs, bass chords, driving runs, and so much more. Don't get lost on that path... put some thump in your beat and let it guide your feet. Let this be your all terrain walking stick. This is Rhythm Pathways.
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Trip Digital Track Fragments

Track Fragments includes kick, snares, hi-hats, shakers and corky one-shots. DJ Journey gives you everything you need to make a dope beat. "Creativity sold separately." All sounds are SUBPAC optimized for maximum frequency.
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Ezra Cohen RUINS

Darren King (Mutemath, Kanye West) and Jeremy Lutito (Leagues, Nike) are not your average composers... These world renown drummers and multi-instrumentalists are true masters of melody and rich analogue texture.
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Lynda Premiere Pro Guru: Audio Finishing Techniques

As an editor, you need to know how to mix and sweeten audio yourself, as well as hand off tracks for others to finesse. In this installment of the Premiere Pro Guru series, Luisa Winters shares practical techniques for finishing the audio side of a project using Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. Luisa explores a variety of topics, including track vs. clip level control, mastering the audio mixers, using submixes and automation modes, and working with the Essential Sound panel. Plus, explore restorative techniques with Adobe Audition, as well as how to output audio from Premiere Pro.
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KOOKUP Bourne (ElectraX Bank)

50 Electra X presets in the style of Pierre BournePerfect for dreamy and catchy melodies! Works with Electra X 2.6 and above
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WavSupply Nash Incisive (Loop Kit)

41 custom made loops created by Nash of Internet Money.
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SonidoPro Voces

Descubre como se graban y mezclan las voces que escuchas en las canciones que te gustan de la radio ¿Para quién es este curso?
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Umlaut Audio Obsidian

OBSIDIAN - features tonal tickers (mid to high range) ranging from airy, peaceful, neutral to dark and ominous. HIGHLIGHTS:
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WavSupply NoFuk Lava (Loop Kit)

40 custom made loops created by NoFuk of Internet Money.
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WavSupply Manso Cosmic (Loop Kit)

80 custom made loops created by Manso of Internet Money.
Home page
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Kazrog TrueIron

Add warmth and heft to your tracks and masters. True Iron is a NAMM TEC Award nominated plugin made by Shane McFee (Kazrog) in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates 6 classic line transformers, known for their use in many of the biggest names in vintage analog outboard sound processing. Models are based on the UTC 108 X, the Malotki E4M – 4001B, the Western Electric 111C, the Haufe V178, the Marinair LO1166/A , and the UTC O-12. Bonus: Take a look behind the scenes at the gear (and producers) who inspired True Iron.
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