LANKGOD Low End Fury Vol.2

LANKGOD Low End Fury Vol.2

This is a sample pack of royalty-free bass sounds I made out of recordings I took at home. It's a combination of bass one-shots and multisample basses in a wide range of styles. I used wavetable synthesis and a variety of effects to thicken up the original recordings and give them the ample low end they deserve. While I don't really enjoy charging people more than a dollar or two for samples, making the multisample instruments was long, tedious work, and there are a lot of them. So I want four dollars (the sixty-four cents covers Gumroad's fees).

Contents of sample pack:

67 unique 808 one-shots (some with variations; 80 sounds total)
12 bass synth one-shots
5 multisample 808s
6 multisample acoustic basses
14 multisample electric basses
2 multisample bassoons
4 multisample Reese basses
6 multisample synth basses

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