Thought-Forms Uncanny Dreams Ambient Sample Pack

Thought-Forms Uncanny Dreams Ambient Sample Pack

Over 100+ samples for use in dreamlike dance music, sound-tracks, scoring, & wherever your mind takes you. Made using original 90s hardware for an authentic experience you'll only find here.

Atmospheric Pads & Single Notes | Sound FX | Created with tools like the: Korg 01R/W | Korg Triton Rack | Korg Wavestation A/D | Korg TR-Rack | Alesis S4 | Ensoniq TS-10 | & more...

(Also features samples from the Intelligent Jungle Pads Vol 1 & Vol 2 preset packs for the Korg Triton & Korg Wavestation)

Sound Demo:

Organized into 3 core categories:

[Chords] - 54 Samples

[Single Notes] - 43 samples

[FX] - 28 Samples

...for a total of 125 samples in .WAV format.

Great for any retro 90s dreamlike music: ambient house, vaporwave, ambient / intelligent jungle & drum & bass, video game music, film scoring.

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