Toolroom Loops From The Crate Vol.1

Toolroom Loops From The Crate Vol.1

Toolroom is proud to present ‘Loops From The Crate 1’. A collection of musical loops that allow for a more authentic sampling experience. Injecting new creative energy into the sample library realm; Toolroom have created more than two hundred authentic-sounding loops for producers to experiment and have fun with.

Typically mimicking gems you’d find after an afternoon digging through vinyl, the collection offers an immediate gateway to an era of musical richness and nostalgia, with the advantage of being royalty-free and ready to be chopped, re-arranged, or looped into any production. Including a variety of genres including Soul, Disco, and Funk, each loop has been expertly crafted to capture the essence and nuances of these iconic musical styles, ensuring an authentic and enriching experience for producers and musicians. These samples can typically be used across a wide variety of genres such as Disco House, Classic House and Tech House, whilst also providing an interesting starting point for producers in other music genres like Lo-fi, Hip Hop, and Electronica.

29 x Bass Loops
27 x Piano Loops
15 x Vocal Loops
14 x Guitar Loops
14 x String Loops
13 x Chord Loops
13 x Synth Loops
12 x Perc Loops
4 x Brass Loops
94 x Melodic Stack Loops
27 x Song Starter Loops

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