Manifest Audio Spectrum Archiv 005

Introducing Spectrum Archiv 5, the latest sample pack crafted by Berlin's renowned Manifest Audio. This cutting-edge collection is a testament to the label's commitment to delivering top-tier rave-ready resources for modern producers. A comprehensive sonic arsenal, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern techno dancefloors. Including over 400 MB of synthesized textures, haunting atmospheres, rolling bass and razor-sharp percussive elements, this pack unveils a rich palette for sound sculpting, making it an essential toolkit for both seasoned professionals and emerging artists alike. As Manifest Audio's fifth instalment in the Spectrum Archiv series, this release sets a new standard for high-quality techno samples, sure to inspire and elevate creative endeavors in the vibrant electronic music scene. Generated with bespoke sequencers and diligently recorded from analog hardware, each sample has been carefully processed for optimal production quality at Manmade Mastering KG.
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Zenhiser VHS

OMG, can you feel the tingles. Retro Pop and Chillwave never sounded so good!  ‘VHS’ breaks the barriers, delving into multiple 80’s inspired genres in absolute style. Prepare to get lost in the pack, you’ll spend countless hours surrounded by neon lights, pastel floras and retro flair. When you finally emerge, your studio will thank you for months to come.
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North Posse Paris Robbery Pt.3

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"The Music Producers Masterclass: Unlocking Secrets to Hitmaking"

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of music production with this comprehensive masterclass. Authored by an industry expert, this book demystifies the art and science of creating hit music. Whether you're an aspiring producer, a seasoned professional, or a music enthusiast, this book is your gateway to mastering the craft.
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SkillShare The Art of Amapiano How to Produce Amapiano Music on FL Studio

Dive into the pulsating rhythms and soulful melodies of Amapiano, a captivating genre that has taken the world by storm. In this comprehensive course, you'll embark on a musical journey, learning the intricacies of Amapiano production and crafting your own original tracks.
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A Theory of Harmony: With a New Introduction by Paul Wilkinson

Ernst Levy was a visionary Swiss pianist, composer, and teacher who developed an approach to music theory that has come to be known as "negative harmony." Levy's theories have had a wide influence, from young British performer/composer Jacob Collier to jazz musicians like Steve Coleman. His posthumous text, A Theory of Harmony, summarizes his innovative ideas. A Theory of Harmony is a highly original explanation of the harmonic language of the modern era, illuminating the approaches of diverse styles of music. By breaking through age-old conceptions, Levy was able to reorient the way we experience musical harmony.
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Designing Interactions for Music and Sound

Designing Interactions for Music and Sound presents multidisciplinary research and case studies in electronic music production, dance-composer collaboration, AI tools for live performance, multimedia works, installations in public spaces, locative media, AR/VR/MR/XR and health.
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PastToFutureReverbs Eventide SP 2016 Reverb Delay

Another studio legend from 1982! A very distinctive sounding unit that you will love!
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From Perception to Pleasure: The Neuroscience of Music and Why We Love It

Why do we love music? What enables us to create it, perceive it, and enjoy it? In From Perception to Pleasure, Robert Zatorre provides answers to these questions from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience, explaining how we get from perception of sound patterns to pleasurable responses. The book is organized around a central thesis: that pleasure in music arises from interactions between cortical loops that enable processing of sound patterns, and subcortical circuits responsible for reward and valuation. This model integrates knowledge derived from basic neuroscience of the auditory system and of reward mechanisms with the concept that perception and pleasure depend on mechanisms of prediction, anticipation, and valuation.
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91Vocals Deep House Vocal Hooks

Introducing Deep House Vocal Hooks by 91Vocals, an extensive collection of mesmerizing female vocals, pitched and processed toplines, drop melodies, and vocal chops. From dark and soulful tones to vibrant and emotive energy, these vocals are tailored for Deep House while seamlessly adaptable to various House sub-genres, EDM, Trap, and beyond. Authentically original and royalty-free.
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Sonic Collective New Orleans Garifuna Music

This sample pack features traditional Garifuna ritual and dance music performed by the New Orleans-based ensemble Grupo Yurumeina. The Garifuna are an Afro-Indigenous people from the Caribbean, whose traditions date back hundreds of years to their homeland of Yurumein (also known as the island of St. Vincent). Handmade instruments are central to Garifuna music, including drums, shakers, guiros, and claves, often created from conches, turtle shells, tree trunks, hollowed gourds, and other natural materials. Garifuna music is a rich synthesis of West African and indigenous Latin American rhythms and vocal traditions, connecting communities with their ancestors and sacralizing their ceremonies.
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Udemy The Basics Of Rhythm And Drumming

Welcome to the rhythmic realm of our online learning platform, where "The Basics of Rhythm and Drumming" awaits to be your gateway into the enchanting world of percussion. Immerse yourself in this comprehensive course, suitable for drumming enthusiasts of all levels, as we guide you through fundamental aspects crucial for a captivating drumming experience.
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Udemy Complete Course: Scales and Arpeggios for Piano and Keyboard

Welcome to this complete Scales for Piano and Keyboard Course written for piano and music beginners. I'm RL your instructor, and I'll show you how to play scales on a piano or keyboard, and also bring you behind the scene to understand why you are playing the scales and arpeggios this way!
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Touch Loops Afro Saturation

Introducing Afro Saturation! The return of our favourite, award winning Afro-Pop producer Fantastic Beatz! This latest collection of Afro-Pop loops and samples shows off the beautiful depth of tones available in this genre whilst remaining true to it's core. From the Amapiano inspired log-basses to the expansive electric piano loops, this ones sings with beauty!  
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Audentity Records Electrosonic Mayhem

Unleash a sonic onslaught with our latest sample pack that seamlessly blends the boundary-pushing elements of Dubstep, Jungle, and Grime. This versatile collection draws inspiration from the pioneers of bass-driven electronic music, delivering a fusion of hard-hitting beats, electrifying synths, and groundbreaking sound design.
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