Fractal Sounds Mycological Psytrance Granular Sources

Fractal Sounds Mycological Psytrance Granular Sources

Grains of psychedelia

Since we started Fractal Sounds, we've been expanding our mastery of granular synthesis and psytrance sound design. At this stage, we know what creates good results when it comes to granular and that's what makes Mycological the finest ingredients for psytrance granular sound design.

We wanted to hand over that knowledge to you via these quality sources.

Mycological contains trippy sources that can create a huge variety of expressive results in both Pigments & Microfreak. The pack is organized in 18 different folders, based on different sound aesthetics.

These audio signals are incredible building blocks to help you create leads, grids, pads, zaps and much more.

Made for Granular Synthesis
Specialized for Psychedelic Sound Design
Includes 200 WAV files for Pigments and also the Microfreak bank files.

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