WaveShaper MS20 Drums Raw Analog Percussions Drums

There is no need to introduce the Korg MS20 : it is a well known and almighty semi-modular analogue synth from 1978, famous for its patchable bay and overdriven dual filters. His overall sound character is raw, wild, alive and screaming.
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Tunecraft Sounds Lifeforms Psytrance

Lifeforms Psytrance for Serum, the highly anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed “Proxima Species” soundset by Tunecraft, featuring 152 cutting-edge Psytrance Serum presets. Dive into a mesmerizing realm of evocative soundscapes and intricate sonic tapestries that will elevate your Psytrance productions to new heights.
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One Man Tribe World Tape Drum

World Tape Drums - Tape Drums is a new sample pack series by Ben Aylon, bringing you drums and percussion loops with creative fresh beats, analog saturation and color, all played through the Roland RE-201 Space Echo tape delay machine. Each pack is produced with its signature theme and contains 10 main beats played with a hybrid drum kit, three percussion instruments and a Roland Space Echo FX channel. With each pack you get ready-mixed beats and parts, dry and wet, and the multitrack channels for you to create your own personal mix.
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ReeMau SVUCE (PercLoop Pack)

Esta librería busca darle un toque EXTRA a tus BEATS con unos percloops demasiado duros para que el flow de tus instrumentales lleguen a otro nivel. Contenido:
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Veguzzi On The Beat Atmos Pack

Un Solo pago. Garantía de devolución del dinero. Aprenderás todos los pasos para crear melodias de Reggaeton como un pro. Vamos a practicar una gran cantidad de melodías en muchos estilos para que estés preparado para cualquier situación a la hora de crear.
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Abandoned Vaults Vol.2

On a trip to this undisclosed location in a quiet forest Amen found this abandoned cabin. As he stayed at the place for a few days and nights he discovered this secret entrance under a floor carpet. This door led to a dark basement full of dusty record crates. He compiled what he found and made this amazing sample pack filled with 10 samples of various flavors. You can chop and reconstruct to your need or just simply drag n drop and loop as is. For the price the potential is huge. Grab yourself 1 or 2 packs like this and your set to deliver highly flammable raw bangers. Highly recommended.
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Alexander Panos Color Transfer

Color Transfer is a bundle of 3 original Max for Live devices: 1. Timbre Resynth
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EditorAlbie Ultimate Editing Pack

The EditorAlbie Ultimate Editing Pack is more than just a collection of editing tools; it’s a complete solution for creating stunning, professional-level videos. This pack is crafted to provide everything you need for a seamless editing experience.
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Fractal Sounds Mycological Psytrance Granular Sources

Grains of psychedelia Since we started Fractal Sounds, we've been expanding our mastery of granular synthesis and psytrance sound design. At this stage, we know what creates good results when it comes to granular and that's what makes Mycological the finest ingredients for psytrance granular sound design.
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Eddie Grey An Absolute Beginners Guide to Logic Pro X (Updated for 2023)

Do you think you know Logic Pro X? Think again. Watch Eddie Grey (Apple Certified T3 Trainer) dissect this program from the inside out. We guarantee that beginners and novices alike will learn a tremendous amount from this series.
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WA ProductionQ

The Shape Of Music Sometimes we sit down in the studio and we're just fresh out of ideas. That's when we reach for MIDIQ to kickstart concepts for chord sequences, harmonies and bass lines. MIDIQ is an innovative MIDI sequence generator for both studio and live applications, featuring a unique and highly interactive user interface.
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KXVI Late Night Vocals Vol.1

200 RnB/Soul Vocal Loops/Acapellas Created in the style of: Drake, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Bryson Tiller, Summer Walker, Giveon, Lil Tjay and More! 190 Ad Libs/Riffs 10 Hooks/Phrases
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Psytrance Academy LUNATICA Psytopian Frequencies

The awaited new synthesis work from psytrance producer Lunatica! This sound bank contains 100 Presets full of unique psychedelia for ANA2 synthesizer, with macros crafted specifically for each sound that will help your creativity. It covers a wide range of psytrance subgeneres like fullon,progressive or even some dark influences. Deconstruct and create your personal signature presets easily. Boost your ideas and expand your own soundprint with Psytopian Frequencies!
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whylunar Tears Drumkit

49 808’s22 claps 25 hi hats 14 misc
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JMG Sound Dropkick

Make your kick a KICK Step into the future of electronic kick drum perfection with Dropkick, the ultimate toolkit with 8 processors extensively tested and fine-tuned, especially for kicks. Make your kicks stand out from the crowd. Make them hit hard, loud, with maximum impact. Dropkick is a hack for your kick drums, combining pro producer techniques and processors from analogue emulation to psychoacoustics. Dropkick is an extremely fast and easy way to make weak kicks sound powerful, and those that were good in the first place are turned into super-kicks.
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