Rubicon Eurorack Layers

Rubicon Eurorack Layers

Eurorack Layers provides an array of versatile tones and sequences through the exploration of various hardware modules. Collaborative electronic producers Kamus & PinballSpider come together in creating a bank of atmospheric and percussive sketches, which can be painted across a multitude of genres.

The sounds created can provide inspiration on a blank canvas or give your projects Eurorack color. Modules like Mutable instrument’s Plaits were perfect for this, especially when played by hand via the tactile 0-ctrl. As producers and listeners of various genres, it was important for the creators that the sounds created be flexible, open suggestions to be taken in a multitude of directions. The Deckard's voice module & Basimilus Iteritas alter were instrumental for this ambiguity of style.

112 one shots
188 loops

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