Irrupt Hit 'Em Hard

If it were possible to hit someone with a track so hard it knocked them on their ass, this product would supply the content. A sonic punch to the face, ‘Hit 'Em Hard’ is a collection of powerful elements designed to cause the largest speaker freakin’ teeth gritting tones for your DAW.
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Rubicon Eurorack Layers

Eurorack Layers provides an array of versatile tones and sequences through the exploration of various hardware modules. Collaborative electronic producers Kamus & PinballSpider come together in creating a bank of atmospheric and percussive sketches, which can be painted across a multitude of genres.
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Classmatic Sample Pack Vol.02

Classmatic - Sample Pack Vol. 02
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Deeperfect Minimal Deep Tech Vocals

Time to express your creativity on the vocal side of life with the Deeperfect Minimal Deep Tech Vocals Sample Pack! Ever wondered how to set the right mood for your creations with a catchy top-notch vocal? Well here is your chance to sort it out in style. All samples have been flawlessly crafted from scratch, and are ready to just simply drag and drop right into your DAW.
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Delicious Recordings Delicious Modern Tech-House By The Ger-Man

Sample pack made by The Ger-Man with all his secrets on music production for Modern Tech-House music. This pack includes 103 Wav Loop
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Sample Tools By Cr2 Jazzy Lofi Hip-Hop

Looking to add some smokey melodic elements to your tracks? Gloomy, jazzy lo-fi drums? Jazzy Lofi Hip-hop is the latest production toolkit from Sample Tools by Cr2. Taking you on a journey through deep emotive melodic loops with elements of live instrumentation, all the way to vintage one-shots. All expertly created and processed.
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Udemy How To Slap Bass Like A Pro

Slap dat bass What you'll learn
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Cymatics Destiny Customer Appreciation Pack

Destiny: a new wave of Cymatics melodies Destiny is completely focused around melodies for making hit songs. No fluff or filler loops - every sample has been carefully curated by the Cymatics team.
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Cymatics Destiny USB Expansion

250 DESTINY Collector's Edition USB will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. We're going to be giving away an exclusive Collector's Edition Destiny USB to the first 250 producers who get a license!
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Cymatics Vibes USB Expansion

We're going to be giving away an Exclusive collector's edition VIBES USB to the first 200 producers who get a license!These will come loaded with secret melodies that only those 200 people will get.
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8UP Magic Mushrooms 2: SFX

Our heroic plumbers are needed again, this time to save a far away land from a warty evil tyrant...but is it all just a dream? This pack contains sound effect samples with variations. All sounds were created from scratch, no games were sampled.
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