Certified Audio Violet SkyFall

Certified Audio Violet SkyFall

Welcome to Velvet SkyFall! Get prepared for out of this world ambient textures and soundscapes perfect for your Chill out Downtempo tracks!

These Wav Stems and Melody Loops were crafted with various analog and digital hardware to create lush pads, dreamy piano’s, rich bells and some exotic flutes and plucks to give your tracks some organic and crazy vibes all perfect for late night studies and chill waves!

Drag and drop these into any DAW of your choice and listen to the magic happening right in front of your eyes!

Take these loops and stems to make some Chillhop, Downtempo type tracks and beats!

Pack Contents:

20 Tracked Out Wav Stems (Pianos, Synth Pads, Leads, Flutes, Bells, Guitars)
30 Melody Loops (Piano’s, Leads, Flutes, Bells, Plucks)
24-bit 44 khz Audio Quality
Royalty Free Samples

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