Dmitry Sches DS Tantra

EARLY ACCESS: We are excited to bring you DS Audio Tantra 2. MEGA and MIX & MASTER Bundle users have unlimited access as of today. If you haven’t subscribed to one of the bundle plans yet you can still grab a FREE 14-day trial. The sale for this new plugin starts on October 5.
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AOA Music Library ProdByTy Entropy Bundle (Compositions and Stems)

Entropy Bundle (20 Compositions) The "Light Edition" consists of (10 Compositions) smooth R&B Samples with depth made with live recorded instruments, synthesizers, and vocals
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BFractal Music G Funk Hip Hop

BFractal Music presents ¨G Funk Hip Hop¨, a sample pack dedicated to the iconic sound of West Coast Hip Hop. Inside you will find a huge selection of dirty drum loops, deep bass lines, west coast pianos, guitars, hats with the perfect equalization, big kick drums, classic West Coast sinewave synth leads and much more.
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Certified Audio Violet SkyFall

Welcome to Velvet SkyFall! Get prepared for out of this world ambient textures and soundscapes perfect for your Chill out Downtempo tracks! These Wav Stems and Melody Loops were crafted with various analog and digital hardware to create lush pads, dreamy piano’s, rich bells and some exotic flutes and plucks to give your tracks some organic and crazy vibes all perfect for late night studies and chill waves!
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uJAM Virtual Guitarist IRON2

Brushed, polished and better than ever Pay tribute to the gods of rock with roaring riffs and power chords with version 2.0 of IRON, our legendary Virtual Guitarist. Now completely overhauled and improved: Play your own riffs, choose from a selection of stomp box effects, and enjoy the entirely re-recorded samples and phrases.
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Abel Takan The Complete Collection (Sound Pack)

The bundled pack of both the ‘Late Nights in London’ series and the ‘Midnight Collection’. Over 450 sounds including samples, vocals, drums loops, one shots and MIDI’s, to inspire, create and design. 100% royalty free and compatible with any DAW. Swipe right on image, to hear previews.
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About Noise Minimal Techno Bass

Minimal techno Bass Wav format @126Bpm_61x WAV 44.1 kHz_132,06Mo. Minimal techno bass is an authentic pack of bass, underground tools very useful for producers seeking dark and sleazy minimal techno bass. The vocals in the demo are not in the pack, you can find them to the Twisted vocals pack!
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Taylor Morgan Ultimate Drumkit

17 808s8 claps (w/ midi) 11 hihats 9 kicks
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Udemy Ableton Workflow Masterclass How To Make A Track A Day

How To Develop Your Workflow, Sound, Results, Understanding Of Music Theory, Marketing, Distribution of Music And More. Calling all passionate, aspiring and existing music producers!!!
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Rhythm and Critique: Technics, Modalities, Practices

Rhythm and Critique presents 12 new essays from a range of specialists to define, contextualise and challenge the concepts of rhythm and rhythmanalysis. It includes newly translated materials from Rudolf Laban and Henri Meschonnic. The book begins with a genealogy of rhythm as it occurs through critical theory literatures of the 20th century, enabling the reader to situate philosophical and contemporary readings that further define rhythm as a critical term and mode of analysis.
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Toontrack  Latin Jazz Grooves

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.Grooves and fills that merge traditional Latin rhythms with classic jazz. How traditional Latin American rhythms and classic jazz merged can be traced all the way back to the turn of the 20th century and to New Orleans. In the decades that followed, this new breed of jazz made its way up the coast to New York and then quickly around the globe.
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ZynAddSubFX Zyn-Fusion

Haven't You Heard Zyn? The ZynAddSubFX synthesizer project was first released nearly 15 years ago by Paul Nasca Octavia with such an incredible feature set (warm, analog sound, powerful modulation, and a complete set of built-in effects), it quickly became a benchmark for what software is capable of. Add in the fact it was open-source and free and you will understand why Zyn is still relevant a decade and a half later. With years of active maintenance and refactoring completed for the 3.0 release, Zyn-Fusion is an up-to-date, classic, audio-powerhouse.
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Ueberschall Modular Structures

Modular Structures As part of the Inspire series, Modular Structures provides a perfect starting point for your next journey into experimental music. The underlying sounds feature synths, synth FX, pads, sound effects and drum loops, with many of the sounds created using modular synthesis. With a focus on styles such as Glitch, Complex Electro and Experimental, Modular Structures is full of sonic textures that make heavy use of sound FX, stutters, glitch FX and all sorts of experimental sound design to deliver a cutting-edge electronic sound palette for your own compositions. Powered by Elastik, Modular Structures is designed to inspire.
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Renraku Machine Garden

Agile, mechanical structures emerge out of the ether, twisting and pulling in hypnotic grooves. Percussive elements glimmer like gemstones against a cosmic backdrop of melodic leads and pads. MACHINE GARDEN toes the line between the organic and the synthetic in order to provide inspiration for a wide range of projects, from introspective, smooth downtempo beats to rich and vibrant songs destined for the dancefloor.
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Audentity Records Neo Soul and Live Instruments

New samplepack with lofi beats & samples mixed with real live instruments. The pack has all the ingredients to mix Neo Soul with live instruments such as sax, violin, rhodes and guitar.
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