Pulsed Records Synapse

Pulsed Records Synapse

'Synapse' by Pulsed Records features a collection of sounds inspired by the purveyors of Electronic music such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada among others. Inside you will find a collection of high-quality Foley sounds, musical elements & one-shots, as well as 'Dry' & 'Processed' multi-tracks for those looking for a quick way to achieve the sound of the demos as a starting point.

This collection of unique sounds is suitable for most abstract styles within Electronica, Ambient, Experimental Electronic, IDM, Techno, Tech-House, Hypnagogic Pop, Musique Concrete and more.

Construction Kits:
At the heart of this pack are five premium quality instrumentations featuring a wide variety of sounds. Drag & drop all files from each folder into your DAW to get the full instrumentations ready to work as a starting point. 'Dry' instrumentation is included as well as 'Processed' versions for maximum flexibility and each stem is labelled to make use of different combination of sounds flawlessly.

Foley Sounds & SFX:
This product delivers a plethora of unique recorded sounds recorded using top quality industry standard sound devices like 702 recorders, Neumann KM184 & Sennheiser 8040 microphone pairs, all sourced within acoustically treated environments to provide premium quality elements for your productions.

Musical Elements & Drum One-Shots:
All musical elements are available separately for those who want to drag & drop into their own tracks. As an addition, a huge amount of one-shot drum sounds are available separately for those wishing to build their beat from scratch.

Product Details:

- 5 Audio Construction Kits
- Dry & Processed Versions
- 250 Construction Kits Files
- 56 Unique Foley & SFX Sounds
- 40 One-Shot Drums
- 5 Kicks
- 5 Snares
- 21 Percussions
- 4 Hat Loops
- 5 Grained Percussion Loops
- 34 Musical Elements
- 2 Lead, Chords & Bells
- 12 Pads
- 6 Basses
- 9 Plucks
- 4 Synths
- 380 Files in Total
- 44.1kHz/24-Bit
- 100% Royalty-Free

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