Easy Electric Guitar: The FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn to play guitar, GUARANTEED!

FAST - FUN - EASY This book with interactive video gives the beginner electric guitarist all they need to survive in the world of guitar! The proven content was designed by Expert Guitar Instructor Marko "Coconut" Sternal to be the FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn to play, GUARANTEED! The student will learn to read guitar music with notation, TAB and charts. The method is geared to allow the viewer to start playing instantly, learning individual notes, then progressively builds up from partial two string chords to six string chords. In part 3 of this book and video course, the student will graduate to learn their first 5 SONGS in the most popular music styles, including Rock, Blues and Country!
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Anthology of Post-Tonal Music: For Use with Understanding Post-Tonal Music, 2nd Edition

This anthology of over 40 scores and excerpts represents a wide range of music from across the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, from pieces by Debussy, Stravinsky, and Bartok to works by Arvo Pärt, Thomas Adès, and Kaija Saariaho. Showcasing the vast range of compositional styles encompassed in the post-tonal era, this volume offers a convenient compendium including hard-to-find scores. Designed for use with Understanding Post-Tonal Music by Miguel A. Roig-Francolí, which includes extensive analyses of the scores provided here, this anthology can also stand alone for study and analysis in other courses on the history and analysis of post-tonal music.
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AlexB 9K Console ( SSL XL 9000K ) Nebula 4 Library

The voice of devilish angels This new release brings audio performance to an astounding level, Audio purity was a major design goal, and the XL Series incorporates touches such as DC coupling, short signal paths, no electrolytic capacitors in the audio pathways, OFC internal wiring, fully balanced mix buses, angelically pure mic preamp, exceptionally low THD, noise floor & crosstalk levels keep your audio absolutely pristine, while the legendary headroom carries every nuance of your audio and allows engineers to mix ‘hotter’ without distortion with a devilish punch.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro 301 Logic Pro Advanced Mixing

Want to be a better mixer? Follow along with this in-action, advanced course as Joshua Carney mixes a song from start to finish in Apple's Logic Pro. If you have some mixing experience under your belt, you're now ready to take your skills to a higher level. In this advanced mixing course, audio engineer Joshua Carney reveals tips and workflows drawing from his years of mixing experience. During this course, you'll see Joshua work on the song Highways, a soft pop song by talented singer and songwriter Sophia Veraz. You will learn how to take any project in any style from a rough mix to a fully mastered song, ready to publish to any digital streaming platform.
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ALHYM Records Brightness Hot Techno Phrases

'Brightness - Hot Techno Phrases' by Alhym Records is a pack full of hot and aggressive Techno vocal and phrases. Brightness (Tamara Flerinskaia) is a singer, songwriter and featuring artist best known for her chart topping House and Ethnic sample packs. All her released tracks have found their place in the worldwide known podcasts of Roger Shah, Dj Feel, Cosmic Gate, Eximinds, etc. The soulful and light voice of Brightness makes her songs sound pleasant and really unforgettable.
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Catalyst Samples Lounge Hip Hop and Lo-Fi

'Lounge Hip Hop & Lo-Fi' by Catalyst Samples brings an outstanding sample pack. Grab a drink, sit back and let these beats and melodics inspire you into a new place of serenity.
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Scori Scrummy Drum kit

Drumkit Includes808 - 19 Sub bass - 8 Clap - 14
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Pulsed Records Foley Ambient Works

'Foley Ambient Works' by Pulsed Records delivers a collection of Construction Kits and sounds designed for producers of Cinematic, Chillstep, Ambient and more. As well as designing in studio, the team has travelled to desolate wastelands to record a selection of glass & metal smashes, crashes, splats, cracking, squeaks, whooshes to deliver this outstanding collection straight to your studio.
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Pulsed Records Lithium: Melodic Chillstep And Foley

'Lithium: Melodic Chillstep & Foley' delivers a wealth of high fidelity sounds & sonic elements, pushing the boundaries of organic and synthetic sound with this incredible collection. Inside you will find a vast amount of high-quality material designed to create an emotional feel within your productions.
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Pulsed Records Pop Anthems

'Pop Anthems' by Pulsed Records delivers a professional loop collection, designed for producers of Pop, Moombahton, Tropical, Dance and more. Featuring a variety of ultra-modern, hand-crafted analogue leads, bottom low basses, melodic plucks, pads, punchy drums and more, this product is an absolute must-have for your production library.
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Pulsed Records Progressive Trance Anthems

'Progressive Trance Anthems' by Pulsed Records features a collection of melodic loops & samples developed for producers of Progressive, House, Trance and more. Delivering five dreamy sounding Construction Kits utilising huge amount of sounds inspired by top names, this product is your fast-track to creating stunning, chart-topping tracks.
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Pulsed Records Retrowave

'Retrowave: A Journey Back To The 80s' by Pulsed Records delivers a collection of samples inspired by the classic sounds of the '80s. Inside you will find fantastic premium analogue quality sounds featuring uplifting leads, superb plucks & chords, classic '80s bass, drums as well as MIDI files and more.
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Pulsed Records Synapse

'Synapse' by Pulsed Records features a collection of sounds inspired by the purveyors of Electronic music such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada among others. Inside you will find a collection of high-quality Foley sounds, musical elements & one-shots, as well as 'Dry' & 'Processed' multi-tracks for those looking for a quick way to achieve the sound of the demos as a starting point.
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Pulsed Records World Series: African Drums

'World Series: African Drums' by Pulsed Records delivers a high quality collection of authentic African drum loops and percussion variations ready to spice up your productions.
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Echo Sound Works Sub Zero 808

808 & Sub Bass library for Kontakt Finding the perfect 808 can be hard, but not anymore. We made Sub Zero 808 because we as producers, wanted a better, faster way of laying down our 808's.
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