ADSR Sounds Athenaeum Melodic Chords and Arps for Cthulhu

ADSR Sounds Athenaeum Melodic Chords and Arps for Cthulhu

Housing all of the music-theory knowledge and melodic artistry held by the ADSR Production team, the Atheneum towers like a beacon in a creative desert. Throw open the doors to melodic inspiration using Xfer Records' Cthulhu as the conduit.

Athenaeum – Melodic Chords & Arps for Cthulhu harnesses the melodic mysteries of Xfer Records' Cthulhu with chord progressions and arpeggiated patterns covering a huge breadth of modern genres from Urban & R&B to Pop, Indie and Electro.

Athenaeum – Melodic Chords & Arps for Cthulhu contains 100 presets, each with 3 octaves of chords, making it easier than ever to come up with a fitting variety of chord progressions in the same key. Totaling about 3600 chords with unlimited combinations, this is an epic resource for any producer. The chords and progressions can be used in any style or genre, they were not made to fit a certain niche, but as a valuable asset and launchpad, whatever your musical preferences.

Pack Contents:

100 Cthulhu Chord Presets
50 Cthulhu Arp Presets
30 Example MIDI Progressions
30 Example MIDI Cthulhu Preset Progressions
15 Bonus Chord Loops (Wav 24 bit / 44.1 kHz)

Total Files:


Software Requirements:

Latest version of Cthulhu


This pack contains chord and arp presets with some example MIDI and WAV, other samples included in the demo are not included and used for demonstration purposes only.

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