Groove3 FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained

Studio pro Larry Holcombe delivers in-depth FabFiler Timeless 3 video tutorials! If you want to learn this powerful delay plug-in fully and get the most out of it, this video series is for you. Discover how to take advantage of all the features and functions available in Timeless 3 and use them to create awesome effects ranging from the small and colorful, to the vast and never-ending. These videos are for new FabFilter Timeless 3 users.
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Groove3 Logic Pro: Bouncing and Exporting Explained

Logic Pro expert Doug Zangar delivers comprehensive Logic Pro video tutorials! Learn everything about bouncing and exporting your audio and project files in Logic Pro, so you can quickly make stems, freeze tracks for better CPU performance, share stems and projects with other Logic users, different DAW users, back projects up for archival, and much more. These videos are designed for those who want to really learn and use the available bounce and export options available in Logic Pro.
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Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 63 with Bluffmunkey

Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 63! Bluffmunkey's back with us again and this time he's sharing a ton of helpful insights into the world of Sound Design. If you're just starting out in synthesis and making your own patches or even if you're a seasoned shaper of sounds, these Tech Tips are guaranteed to help you along the way to making some awesome sounds with your synth collection.
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Ghosthack Skyrealm

Epic Cinematic Vocals, Orchestral Instruments and Deep Atmospheres 17.5 GB of Construction Kits Containing Male & Female Vocals, Instruments Atmospheres and More!
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Native Instruments Spotlight Collection: East Asia

AUTHENTIC, TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS - 38 melodic and percussive instruments from China, Japan, and Korea, played by renowned performers
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Electronisounds All Digitakt Packs Bundle

This monster pack will be a complete GAME-CHANGER for your writing with the Digitakt! The drum sounds alone, took me over 1 year to create.
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Loot Audio Aleatoric Rhythms

Aleatoric Rhythms is a bold new instrument that uses sounds from synthesizers and real life recordings. Sounds vary from nasty bass riffs to sneaky and immersive percussion loops. Recorded with a portable studio microphone, the sounds were captured in real environments – the exact environments, sometimes clever and sometimes nasty, that the loops want to portray.
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Ghst Prjkt Believer

Love him or hate him no one can deny the guy has talent and tenacity and at just 26 years of age, Justin Beiber has already been a household name for a decade. From singing covers at 13 to being covered at 16, in the decade following his first studio album Justin Bieber has managed to stay ahead of pop culture and pop music coming into his own and undeniably setting musical trends.
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ADSR Sounds Segue Cthulhu Chords and Arps

Making music is both our lifeline and our liquidator, it gets us up in the morning and stops us from sleeping at night knowing that when you're in the studio, anything can happen…
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ADSR Sounds Athenaeum Melodic Chords and Arps for Cthulhu

Housing all of the music-theory knowledge and melodic artistry held by the ADSR Production team, the Atheneum towers like a beacon in a creative desert. Throw open the doors to melodic inspiration using Xfer Records' Cthulhu as the conduit.
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Blind Audio Future Arcade 8Bit

'Future Arcade: 8Bit' by Blind Audio channels the spirit of Arcade classics of yesteryear to bring you an outstanding set of Loops and One-Shots. These sounds work perfectly for the modern-day projects, as well as they do in the 8-Bit Realm.
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Organic Loops Funk This Up

'Funk This Up' by Organic Loops brings you a funky sounds collection saturated with instrumental and vocal samples of the highest calibre, 100% Royalty-Free, as always.
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Shobeats Desire Trap

'DESIRE TRAP' is a pack originally produced by SHOBEATS. This kit brings you 5 high-quality Construction Kits with banging 808s, clean sounds, tuned electronic sounds & hard-hitting drums, to boost your productions to the heart of the Trap genre.
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KXVI La Bandera Vol.3

What you get: 25 Live recorded guitar samples
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Ghst Prjkt Your Turn

Taking inspiration from past albums and his production evolution to his current sound and where we’d like to see it go next, GHST PRJKT is proud to introduce Your Turn – our take on Lil Baby’s chart smashing style.
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