ModeAudio Prism Ambient Samples and Textures

ModeAudio Prism Ambient Samples and Textures

Drift through an endless beam of golden, shimmering light, the vibrant blue sky expanding beneath and above you as a deep feeling of calm takes root and spreads throughout your entire body - welcome to the meditative majesty of our latest sound pack, Prism - Ambient Samples & Textures!

Extinguish the drama and embrace the serene tranquility of this stellar 2.2GB collection of royalty-free samples, delivering entire vistas of resplendent synth drones, sifting basses, caressing chords and hushed textures for your next session of soundtrack bliss.

This celebration of soft, ethereal synthwork focuses first and foremost on 52 cerebral ambiences and atmospheres, rich spectra that hover, sweep and soar like clouds across the horizon.

30 rumbling bass drones and 22 detailed texture samples complete the more still, slowly shape-shifting side of the pack, with 27 lavishly melodic and 18 characterful rhythmic sequences providing a quiet pulse that keeps things moving like the ebb and flow of a meandering river.

With most samples ranging far beyond the 1 minute mark and some making it almost to 3 full minutes in length, this sound selection is alive with subtle evolutions and gradual shifts in texture and tonality, bringing effortless movement and modulation to your music.

Soak your next Ambient adventure in layers of peaceful opulence - download Prism - Ambient Samples & Textures today!

Pack Contents

52 Ambience & Drone Samples
30 Bass Samples
27 Melodic Sequence Samples
18 Rhythmic Sequence Samples
25 SFX & Swell Samples
22 Texture Samples
Samples range from 4s - 2m54s in length
174 Files In Total

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