Ayo Bleu Super Slime (Loop Kit)

The Super Slime Loop Kit! These loops are in the style of artists such as NBA Youngboy, 9lokknine, Jackboy, and more! Contains Custom Loops Created By AyoBleu! All Loops Are In .Wav Format!
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Sonic Academy How To Make 90s Breaks with Protoculture

Back with an all-new monster 'How To Make' course, Protoculture's here to create a classic 90's Breaks tune from scratch! With the recent resurgence in this genre from the likes of Bicep, Trance Wax and Franky Wah, Nate dives headfirst into this style using recognisable breaks and 90's synths to recreate the sound and nailing it with a textbook classic.
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Drilloholic x Ayumi Vortex Mixer Kit V2

"Vortex VOL 2" - Ayumi x Drilloholic Mixer Kit For UK/NY Drill - X10, Ghosty, Bkay, Kazza INCLUDES 35 BOUNS SOUNDS
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itsleqn and liambarronn Ophelia Stash Kit

The Stash Kit includes: Ophelia Omnishpere Bank Ophelia Serum Bank
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Guitar Lessons and Steps: Guitar Learning Tips and Guide for Beginners: How to Play Guitar

The guitar is the absolute best instrument you could learn for a large number of reasons. It’s mobile, cheap, and just awesome. The guitarist in the band always gets the most kudos, no question about it. But wait, there is a problem… Getting a guitar is not enough, you also need to learn how to play it somehow.
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Made in M and Digitalluc Drum Essentials

Includes sounds of some of their classic tracks + latest and upcoming releases.All sounds are processed and carefully mastered by digitalluc and Made in M. - Kicks
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Narcos Beats Tropico Reggaeton Drum Kit

Nuevo drumkit preparado para hacer tus ritmos de Reggaeton, Dancehall, Afro Beat, Moombah, etc. Drumkit compuesto por:
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KOOKUP Guitar Samples Vol.6

The sixth volume of "KookUp Guitar Samples" is now here! This pack includes 15 compositions all BPM labeled and labeled by the genre/style in which each composition would suit the best.
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macshooter Official Drum Kit Vol.2

150+ Drum Sounds10 Hi-Hat Midis 5 Bonus Samples
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ModeAudio Prism Ambient Samples and Textures

Drift through an endless beam of golden, shimmering light, the vibrant blue sky expanding beneath and above you as a deep feeling of calm takes root and spreads throughout your entire body - welcome to the meditative majesty of our latest sound pack, Prism - Ambient Samples & Textures!
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