99 Patches 200 Future Vocal Cutz

99 Patches 200 Future Vocal Cutz

99 Patches are back with an ultimate 200 Future Vocal Cuts!

Suitable for any genre from EDM, House, Trap to Techno and Drum & Bass!

All vocals from this pack are 100% royalty free, so feel free to use it in your tracks and release it on labels and get monetization from radio, streaming, youtube and more.

Recorded on Rode K2, via Neve preamp and premium UAD x8 audio interface.

Check this awesome demo and grab your copy ASAP!

Please Note: Only Vocals are included in this Sample Pack, other sounds in the Demo are for demonstration purposes only.

230 Mb
24 bit samples
128 BPM
60 Vocal Cut Loops
30 Vocal Fx
60 Vocal Glitches
50 Vocoder Loops

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