Behind the Sound Cart: A Veteran's Guide to Sound on the Set

Patrushkha takes you from the first work call to the final wrap, explaining the order of the work and the details that her decades of experience provides, so you can avoid mistakes that might sabotage your career before it's even started. This book describes the job of the UST (Utility Sound Technician), or 2nd AS in the UK, a career almost invisible, yet extremely interesting, exciting-and paying up to six figures a year.
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WavSupply E-Trou Warped (Gross Beat Bank)

36 custom made time presets for Gross Beat created by E-Trou of Internet Money. !GROSS BEAT VST IS REQUIRED!
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Power Music Professional

Much more than just a music display system. Power Music gives you total control over your music collection - sheet music and chord sheets. All your music, in one place, instantly available on-screen for practice and performance.
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Puar Sound Kit Vol.1

5 x One-Shots + 5 x 808s + 5 x Claps6 x Drum Loops + 10 x Hats 6 x Acapellas + 5 x Kicks 10 x Percs + 5 x SFX + 5 x Samples
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Producer Grind The OG MIDI Hi-Hat Pattern Pack by GasLoops

The first ever GasLoops MIDI Hi Hat Pack. This kit contains 15 MIDI loop files of Hi Hat patterns. These MIDI patterns can be used with any hi hat/perc sound you want. They are also compatible with every DAW program (Fl Studio, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, Maschine & More.)
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Tonepusher Doomed

nspired by the work of DOOM's 2016 Soundtrack by Mick Gordon, our new preset pack called ''DOOMED'' is an arsenal of 50 top quality evil Xfer Serum Presets. Coming right from the depth of hell, you'll get basses, leads, fxs, pads and drums, everything you need and then some. Carefully crafted according to Mick Gordon's work this pack is aimed at the heavy and dark music scene. DOOMED is FX-heavy and ideal for Industrial, Dark Synth, Dubstep, Techno, Ambient Drone production and much more. Some of the macro controls only need a slight touch to change the sound completely and come up with something completely fresh, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to deconstruct the sounds and learn how it's been made or simply use them in your next production, each sound is mix ready for your next production.
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YM Dejala Caer Drumkit Vol.1

Este Drumkit contiene los sonidos de Trap y Reggaeton que mas YM usa en todas sus producciones , incluyendo los sonidos que uso en : Te bote Remix , OnlyfansRemix Sheesh, Si me gano un Grammy , LVV2 y las producciones mas recientes etc etc, ademas contiene mas de 10 samples melodys creados por YM - "PA QUE LA DEJEN CAER CONMIGO"
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Shardem Drum Kit Vol.3

This is the 3rd Part of my Drumkit Series and it´s definitely the best so far!A lot of these sounds were made by me and it comes with: - Over 40 Selfmade Melodies + Samples
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99 Patches 200 Future Vocal Cutz

99 Patches are back with an ultimate 200 Future Vocal Cuts! Suitable for any genre from EDM, House, Trap to Techno and Drum & Bass!
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Fatal-M Sample Pack

1. Bass x102. Kick x 10 3. Snares x 10 4. Fx x 10
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Ardist x 808iden Post 20 Pt. 2 Drumkit

150+ Non-recycled Drums and 20 loops composed by platinum producers 808iden & Ardist - 21 808s + 2 Spinz Edits - 12 Sub Basses
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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Rock Music Research

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Rock Music Research is the first comprehensive academic survey of the field of rock music as it stands today. More than 50 years into its life and we still ask - what is rock music, why is it studied, and how does it work, both as music and as cultural activity? This volume draws together 37 of the leading academics working on rock to provide answers to these questions and many more. The text is divided into four major sections: practice of rock (analysis, performance, and recording); theories; business of rock; and social and culture issues. Each chapter combines two approaches, providing a summary of current knowledge of the area concerned as well as the consequences of that research and suggesting profitable subsequent directions to take. This text investigates and presents the field at a level of depth worthy of something which has had such a pervasive influence on the lives of millions.
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YMAR Doppler (Gross Beat Bank)

38 uniquely made Gross Beat presets by YMARCompatible with FL Studio 11 and later versions How to install.txt included :)
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Natec Drumkit Vol.1

10 Crashes/Risers + 17 FX15 Hats + 15 Kicks + 17 Percs 18 Samples 16 Snares
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Production Master Modern Tech House

Modern Tech House is filled to the brim with delectable samples and loops ranging from tight drums, original percussion, dashing top loops to lush stabs, thick bass loops, killer synth one-shots and groovy vox and FX loops.
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