Cymatics Drill Essential Drum Kit

Cymatics Drill Essential Drum Kit

This is our go to drum collection for producing heavy hitting Drill tracks!

Inside you'll find all of the essentials from sharp hi-hats, crisp snares, stomping kicks, heavy 808's perfect for sliding, and much more.

Not to mention, this kit pairs up perfectly with the Drill melodies from our new GEMS collection!

So if you're a producer who loves making hard hitting Drill beats, this one's for you!


5 808s
7 Kicks
5 Claps
7 Snares
8 FX
7 Hihats
5 Rimshots
20 Percussion
7 Cymbals
15 Drum Loops
15 Hihat Loops
10 Percussion Loops
10 Hihat Rolls
15 Hi Hat MIDI
5 Melodies & Stems
4 Melody MIDIs

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