Big EDM Titan Trap

'Big EDM: Titan Trap' is a mind-blowing and inspiring Trap sample pack that will be an essential in your library of samples. This pack has been shoved full of resources like bass shots, claps, Construction Kits, drum loops, FX samples, drum samples, melody loops and plenty more material to keep your Trap productions fresh.
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Sonic Academy KICK 2 Presets Vol.9 Bass House

SONIC ACADEMY KICK 2 Presets Vol. 9 - Bass HouseSonic Academy presents this all-new high-quality preset pack for the world-famous KICK 2. Kick 2 Presets Vol 9 - Bass House contains 50 superior arena-filling Kick presets to take your productions to the next level. From UKF style to world-dominating Oliver Heldens vibes, these presets nail this melting pot genre. Designed and produced by one of Bass Music's hottest producers Livsey, you know these are gonna hit hard.
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Baltic Audio Slap House Essentials

'Slap House Essentials' from baltic audio brings you a powerful collection of Slap House samples and loops to push your production to the next level. You'll find a bunch of drums, basses, synths, vocal chops and more.
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Blind Audio Architect Trip Hop and Lofi

Blind Audio introduces Architect - Trip Hop & Lofi: Explore a tripped-out collection of loops and oneshots that focuses on more a unique, lofi approach to Trip Hop. Architect was created in collaboration with lofi specialist Stefan Binkele and offers a fine selection of production ready sounds, primed and ready to drop into your latest projects. Binkele draws influence from the likes of Portishead, Billie Elish and Mac Miller, as well bringing a taste of traditional Latin American music to the format. Stefan has created a solid library of samples that transcends the boundaries of Trip Hop and allows you to look at the genre in an all new light.
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Sonic Academy KICK 2 Presets Vol.10 808s

SONIC ACADEMY KICK 2 Presets Vol. 10 - 808s The world's best drum synthesiser now has 80 presets showcasing the world's best kick drum - the mighty 808. Originally released 40 years ago, the 808 is probably more popular today than it ever has been. From defining the trap genre to providing the backbone of every global pop hit in the charts today. We are super excited to bring you this massive and totally customisable pack so you can get the best sounding 808s in your tracks, quickly. We have programmed enormous phat bass presets in Kick 2, utilised the new tape saturation effect and dropped top kicks that you can easily layer up with the 808s to make those beats hit hard. With 80 presets, 33 custom clicks and a bonus of 10 Sub Drops, this pack will define your sound.
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Engineering Samples Melodic Techno Vol.3

"Melodic Techno Vol.3" is the follow up of our most successful Sample Pack and better than ever before! Nearly every Synth Sound heard in the Demo is included as a Synth Preset.
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Audio Assault RVXX

Aggressive High Gain Amp Simulator RVXX is a Two Channel Amp Sim based on an extremely aggressive high gain lunchbox amp with a very big bite, we recreated a tone that gives you the perfect balance for modern Metal.
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Cymatics Gems Vol.17 Dril Melodies

One of the most popular genres of our GEMS series has easily become our Drill packs! And drill music, especially in the past few years, has become one of the most exciting sub-genres in Hip-Hop.
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Cymatics Gems Vol.18 RnB Melodies

RnB seamlessly merges many genres into one with its wavy chord progressions and soul filled vocal accents. Our RnB GEMS collection brings tons of different melodic vibes to the table, although spread across many different keys and scales, they all paint the same type of soulful picture.
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Cymatics Orchid Foley Percussion

There's no question that foley textures can take an average beat and turn it into something special. Because sometimes the same old drum sounds can get boring, especially for an artist looking for something different production wise. And nothing sets a producer apart from the rest like interesting drums do…
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Cymatics Drill Essential Drum Kit

This is our go to drum collection for producing heavy hitting Drill tracks! Inside you'll find all of the essentials from sharp hi-hats, crisp snares, stomping kicks, heavy 808's perfect for sliding, and much more.
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Cymatics Aura Trapsoul Vocal Chops

Vocal samples can really take a simple boring beat and turn it into something new and exciting. Aura is our latest collection of vocal chops, with many different vocal styles, all labeled by key and genre.
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Cymatics Crystals Guitar Loops

Some of the most popular songs of recent years have guitar based melodies, from artists such as Post Malone, Roddy Rich, Gunna, etc. This is well known among some of today's biggest producers, and they are constantly incorporating guitars into their production for an authentic feel.
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Cymatics Tsunami House Sample Pack

It's been a while since we've dropped some EDM packs, you wanted it… well you got it! Our newly expanded team of EDM producers put together this collection of the very best House sample packs we have ever made!
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Cymatics Electric Hihat Loops And MIDI

If there's one thing that decides the bounce of your beat the most, it's definitely hi-hats. And sometimes it can be time consuming to go in and come up with new hi-hat patterns to keep your beats interesting.
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