Sonic Collective Iconic Melodies Rhapsody in Blue

Sonic Collective Iconic Melodies Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue is one of the most iconic and popular American concert compositions. Written by George Gershwin in 1924, it combines elements of jazz and classical music. The various themes from Rhapsody in Blue have been heard in countless concert halls and used in films and commercials to add iconic flair.

For the first in a series of iconic melodies, composer, arranger, and pianist Steven Feifke orchestrated sections of the piece specifically for Splice. These arrangements were then performed by some of the best NYC jazz and classical musicians, who recorded their parts of the arrangement remotely during pandemic lock down. Splice sound designers Devon Karpf (underscores) and Umru Rotherberg (umru) mixed the individual recordings into natural, full band arrangements, as well as flipped, processed versions to showcase how the melodies can be applied to modern styles of music.


16 Bass Loops
6 Bass Phrases
8 Cello Loops
14 Cello Phrases
30 Drum Loops & Phrases
8 Full Orchestra Loops
16 Full Orchestra Phrases
10 Piano Loops
6 Piano Phrases
39 Processed Loops
111 Strings Loops & Phrases
68 Trombone Loops & Phrases
62 Trumpet Loops & Phrases
107 Woodwinds Loops & Phrases

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