Hyper Minimal Garage

Two-step garage grooves with a minimalist touch. This genre-bending pack contains a wealth of inspiring material, perfect if you are looking to produce deep, minimalistic two-step, underground House or straight up Garage. Packed with skippy drums, heavy subs, deep chords, wonky synths, glitchy textures and functional FX sounds, Minimal Garage is designed for the real underground heads.
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Samplecraze Using Midi Expression and Continuous Controllers

How to use Midi Expression and Continuous Controllers to add life to your mixes. Using Midi Expression and Continuous Controllers video tutorial explains what are Midi Expression and Continuous Controllers in the DAW and how to use them in music production.
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Nxsty V4 'Anubis' UK Drill Kit 2020

Nxsty V4 - 'Anubis' UK Drill Kit 2020All Items Are Listed In The Image Prodvided
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KILSTRXXX Playboy XXL DrumKit + LoopKit

808's (70)Clap's (40) Extras (10) Fx's (15)
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The Producer School Millenium

MILLENIUM Get YOUR Future Bass tracks to the next level with this Illenium inspired Presets & Sample Pack.
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The Producer School Cosmic Slap House and Deep

The Sounds Of Slap & Deep House Nowadays you can't think of the charts without some refreshing Slap & Deep House tunes. In the past few months Slap & Deep House quickly became one of the most influential genres in the EDM scene and it does not look like it stops growing anytime soon.
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Incognet Samples Slap House

We are back with such famous style now - Slap House. You can hear it everywhere: on radios, on main labels such as Spinnin, Warner ect. We bring you our best in our packs: its One Shots, Loops, Constrction Kits, Bank for Serum + FL PROJECTS!!!!
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TRIPGOD Asylum (Midi Kit)

THE TRIPGOD is back again to bless the producer community with some new midi patterns. They induce such a cold trap vibe, i just hadta drop these jawns.
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StudioPlug LaFlame (Producer Kit)

LaFlame (Producer Kit) – Created by “StudioPlug” LaFlame Producer Kit Contains 86 drum samples, 40 midi files & 10 mixer presets in the style to make some new generation trap beats like gunna, lil baby, travis scott, polo g, young thug & more!
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TopSounds Necrophilia (Nexus Bank)

Our First Ever Nexus Preset Bank Is Officially Here! This Every Has Sound You Need To Create Hits Like The Pros.
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Choral-Orchestral Repertoire : A Conductor's Guide, Omnibus Edition

Choral-Orchestral Repertoire: A Conductor's Guide, Omnibus Edition offers an expansive compilation of choral-orchestral works from 1600 to the present. Synthesizing Jonathan D. Green's earlier six volumes on this repertoire, this edition updates and adds to the over 750 oratorios, cantatas, choral symphonies, masses, secular works for large and small ensembles, and numerous settings of liturgical and biblical texts for a wide variety of vocal and instrumental combinations.
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Multivocality : Singing on the Borders of Identity

Multivocality frames vocality as a way to investigate the voice in music, as a concept encompassing all the implications with which voice is inscribed-the negotiation of sound and Self, individual and culture, medium and meaning, ontology and embodiment. Like identity, vocality is fluid and constructed continually; even the most iconic of singers do not simply exercise a static voice throughout a lifetime. As 21st century singers habitually perform across styles, genres, cultural contexts, histories, and identities, the author suggests that they are not only performing in multiple vocalities, but more critically, they are performing multivocality-creating and recreating identity through the process of singing with many voices.
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Rubicon Vocal Abstractions

Stretching the possibilities of the human voice, Vocal Abstractions explores disembodied, re-synthesized vocals across the uncanny valley for use across genres. Created in collaboration between vocalist Angie Swan and sound designer Tristan Arp, granular synthesis and resampling of raw vowel tones led to the creation of virtual vocal instruments, which lend themselves to percussive, ambient, and melodic manifestations.
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Diaspora Tradicion Cumbia

Originating in Colombia, Cumbia music is rich with the traditions, culture, and folkloric tales of their country. With its deep African roots, Cumbia music has an instantly recognizable sound incorporating Latin percussion, accordion, and acoustic guitar. “Tradición” captures the rich tradition and rhythm of Cumbia. This pack features accomplished percussionist Bendji Allonce, who lends 15 Percussion Loops (in 3 varieties, totaling 45 drum loops in all) and just under 20 percussion one-shots featuring authentic, analog latin percussion instruments recorded and mixed at high quality. There are also 15 Melodic Loops featuring accordion, nylon and steel-string acoustic guitar, and trumpet. “Tradición” is mixed like an old analog record, mimicking the sounds of Cumbia legend Andres Landero. Whether you are making Cumbia music, or simply looking to sample something new, “Tradición” is sure to be a great start.
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Sonic Collective Iconic Melodies Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue is one of the most iconic and popular American concert compositions. Written by George Gershwin in 1924, it combines elements of jazz and classical music. The various themes from Rhapsody in Blue have been heard in countless concert halls and used in films and commercials to add iconic flair.
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