Bullyfinger 808 vs. Cassette

Bullyfinger 808 vs. Cassette

Another entry in the Roland TR-808 versus series. We ran the entire soundset of the classic 808 through both 4-track circuitry a little bit hot and then cassette tape. Two kits in one. Lo-fi, little noisy, little gritty but they smack hard.


16 Cassette Tape Cymbals & Hats
15 Cassette Tape Kicks
20 Cassette Tape Percussion
15 Cassette Tape Snares
15 Cassette Tape Toms
17 Circuitry Cymbals & Hats
15 Circuitry Kicks
17 Circuitry Percussion
15 Circuitry Snares
15 Circuitry Toms

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