Sound Doctrine The Revival

Sound Doctrine The Revival

Throughout the history of the local church tradition in black communities in America, “Revival” was a special time in the church calendar that would warrant multiple nights of service extended through a period of time to reignite and charge up the spirits of the people. Churches would gather together and visit each other on different nights making it a celebration that is second to none.

At the forefront of these special services would many times be gospel music played by bands and sung by community choirs truly establishing the sound and voice of a way of life.

“The Revival” is a sample pack truly representing this part of gospel music culture. This pack features an eight piece vocal ensemble and 4 piece band playing original loops processed through tape in a vintage style.

Whether you want to add the perfect soulful texture of voices to your tracks, or select just the right vocal and piano riff to sit over a song, this release is a must have for all serious producers!


· 15 Drum Loops & Stems
· 15 Full Melodic Loops & Stems
· 1 Guitar One Shot
· 23 Keyboard One Shots

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