FXLICIA Metro 2 one shot kit

- This One Shot Kit contains 100+ one shot sounds inspired by Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Cubeatz, OZ and more. - The kit includes: bass, bells, flutes, spacey guitars, keys, pads, synth strings & synths.
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SCXTT All Kit Bundle

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Waves Complete

Waves V12 plugins let you resize your plugins so you can view them more easily. V12 also introduces a new preset search engine that lets you find & audition the perfect presets for your tracks, plus more new features. Update now to V12
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AnotherVGN DrumkitV2

120+ High Quality Drum Sounds for all your betamaking needs. 30 808's
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Podcasting For Dummies, 4th Edition

As more and more people turn to podcasts for entertainment, information, and education, the market for new players has never been bigger—or more competitive. And with corporations and A-list celebs moving in on the action, it's more important than ever to know how to stand out from the crowd. Written by two podcasting veterans, this book gives you everything you need to launch a podcast. Get the insider info on how to produce quality audio (and even video), keep your content fresh, find your voice, and build an audience.
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Ample Sound Ample Guitar PF

Ample Guitar PF aim to bring a PRS Custom 24 Artist Guitar sound to your studio. Sampling:
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BeatsByHt Drum kit

Included: 808 Chants
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GUITAR MUSIC THEORY: An Essential Beginner's Guide To Learn The Realms Of Guitar Music Theory From A-Z

This insightful book is about guitar music theory. Therein, we have examined the ways in which beginners at playing the guitar can become proficient in this act. In writing the book, several topics were taken into consideration which include the parts and types of guitar, and voice leading, amongst other educative topics.
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Renraku Junkyard Soul by 92elm

Coming from a background in Pop and R&B, 92elm returns to the Renraku Catalogue with JUNKYARD SOUL; a soothing slow-burning representation of his personal take on the classic soulful sound.
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TrakTrain loops to study relax to by OG String

Traktrain presents "loops to study/relax to" Electric Guitar Loop Kit with 200 samples. They include clean and processed by the effects versions of the loops. As the title suggests, the pack is inspired by the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop craze and all the feel-good genres associated with it, like Chillwave, Jazz-Hop, etc. And like these styles, the playing featured in this kit originates in Jazz, Soul, Funk, and RnB.
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Sound Doctrine The Revival

Throughout the history of the local church tradition in black communities in America, “Revival” was a special time in the church calendar that would warrant multiple nights of service extended through a period of time to reignite and charge up the spirits of the people. Churches would gather together and visit each other on different nights making it a celebration that is second to none.
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Truefire Muriel Anderson Range Of Arrangements The Water Is Wide

10 Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements for The Water is Wide There are so many creative options for arranging tunes for fingerstyle guitar. Applying different techniques, rhythmic patterns, harmonic and melodic treatments, and different keys can provide an almost unlimited range of approaches to choose from.
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Lezter x TNT Pipe It Up (Drumkit)

Clean & Perfected drums used a lot by Lezter & TnT Brand new & or refined drums used in many major songs & highly sold beats by TnT & Lezter
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The Musician's Mind: Teaching, Learning, and Performance in the Age of Brain Science

Where does learning begin and how is it sustained and stored in the brain? For musicians, these questions are at the very core of their creative lives. Cognitive and neuroscience have flung wide the doors of our understanding, but bridging the gap between research data and music-making requires a unique immersion in both worlds.
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Hoodwtch Drumkit

Drums:5 808s 5 Claps 10 Dune 3 presets for melodys
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