Splice Sounds Future Sounds by ReauBeau

Splice Sounds Future Sounds by ReauBeau

According to ReauBeau, the most important part of creating music is making sure “the track has soul.” That sense of soul pervades his every track, and we're glad he's bringing his production chops and songwriting to a new sample pack. ReauBeau's fusion of future-bass, trap and hip-hop (released on the likes of Spinnin' Records, Lowly Palace and heard on the Tomorrowland stage), comes in the form of over 300 samples for Splice.


17 Bass FX
6 Drone FX
212 Drum One Shots (8 808s, 8 Claps, 19 Cymbals, 31 Hi Hats, 25 Kicks,10 Metals, 20 Percussion, 10 Rimshots, 27 Snares, 4 Sticks, 30 Toms, 20 Weird Sounds)
11 Foley
4 FX
44 Inspiration Melodies & One Shots
13 Synth Loops
1 Full Track
15 MIDIs

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