Shoe ILLUSION One Shot Pack

- 110 New One Shots! - 25 Belltones - 15 Brass
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SHARP Dark Techno Dystopia

'Dark Techno Dystopia' from SHARP (Function Loops Label Group) delivers 6 x key labelled construction kits, inspired by main dark Techno names today. Loaded with huge selection of tools, including Loops, Shots, MIDI files & Presets.
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Famous Audio Spirituality Natural Ambient and Organic Downtempo

We are proud to present our latest release “Spirituality” featuring 105 organic and natural ambient sounds which are ready to relax you! From serene atmospheres to ethereal organic recordings, chilled melodics to deep ambiences, hypnotic basses to twisted drum shots and more.. all of these sounds enhance any production by creating blissful, emotional and mystery.
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If you are looking for Sounds and Drums in the style of STMPD RCRDS, dont go anywhere else, this pack is for you! This sample pack has been designed considering all the requisites for making a unique STMPD style track.
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Big Fish Audio Ambient Minimalism 2: The Dark Side

Big Fish Audio and Funk/Soul Productions are proud to bring you Ambient Minimalism 2: The Dark Side; the darker counterpart to the beautiful virtual instrument, Ambient Minimalism.
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HZE Nomansland

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ALECTO & Nadir Kanbina (One Shot Kit)

BassBelltones Guitars Keys
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Paryo Loop Kit Vol.1

20 Loops Curated By Paryo!
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Splice Sounds Mick Schultz Paragon Kit Vol.1

Mick Schultz is a grammy nominated multi-platinum producer and songwriter who has produced hits such as Birthday Sex, Down On Me, and Don't Tell 'Em by Jeremih, Desperado by Rihanna, and crossover records including Replay by Zendaya and Heat by Kelly Clarkson. His sample pack brings hard-hitting drums, dirty FX, and versatile vocals that are perfect for both polished pop and gritty experimental production.
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Splice Sounds Retro Echoes A Selection of Loops and Samples presented by Zanski

Toronto-based vocalist and producer, Tom Probizanski weaves electronically laced R&B with the sounds of infectious guitar and striking falsettos under the all-encompassing alias of Zanski. Now you can incorporate his funky grooves into your productions.
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Splice Sounds Mr. Kristopher Industrial Revolution Pack

Mr. Kristopher's “Industrial Revolution” sample pack consists of unique organic sounds that are boldly processed and transformed until they are no longer recognizable. Discover distorted melodies created from waterfalls, larger-than-life basses, and more.
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Splice Sounds Sage Armstong Ghetto House And 808 Distortion Pack

Dirtybird artist and versatile house producer Sage Armstrong has just the right amount of energy and spark you need for your tracks. Ghetto House derives from early 90s Chicago house music and features minimal 808 and 909 drum machine-driven tracks. Often likened to the dizzying uptempo sounds of Chicago's Juke or Footwork, it's leading contributors include DJ Deeon, DJ Rashad, DJ Nate and Spinn. Dive into his sample pack now.
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Splice Sounds Super Lowkey Sample Pack

Super Lowkey is a production team that organically intertwines an array of influences spanning hip hop, dance, soul, house, and more. Their pack brings a collection of samples that manage to strike a balance between laid-back and tight - sink into Super Lowkey's groovy sounds.
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Splice Sounds The Prescription Sounds Vol.1

Dr. Fresch is a house and EDM producer who's music weaves together elements of house, hip-hop/rap, and midtempo to create a forward thinking sound. He has remixed for the likes of Rico Nasty, ASAP Ferg, and Baby Eazy-E. Dr. Fresch also runs his own record label, The Prescription Records, and a prominent artist in the festival circuit at large. Grab your new prescription now.
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Left-Handed Guitar Scales Encyclopedia: Fast Reference for the Scales You Need in Every Key

Just for Lefties! Keep the scales you need in easy reach. Scales, modes, pentatonics and more. Never be lost to find a scale again. Left-Handed Guitar Scales Encyclopedia will grow your knowledge of scales and keep those hard to remember scales in easy reach. Now you don’t have to keep that information in your head. Just keep Left-Handed Guitar Scales Encyclopedia on your music stand!
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