Zero-G VELVET VOCAL Vocal Song Kit Instrument

Velvet Vocal is a fantastic vocal Kontakt instrument that combines over 500 vocal samples in 10 complete song performances sourced entirely from specially recorded pro vocal performances in pristine 24-bit audio.
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Zero-G DEEVA Dance Vocal Phrase Instrument

DEEVA is a stunning new dance and RnB vocal phrase Kontakt instrument that combines over 650 amazing female vocal samples, incredible simplicity and a high degree of playability all packed into a beautiful Kontakt interface for total ease-of use and ultimate sound manipulation.
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Modwheel Timphonia

TIMPHONIA was made using MODWHEEL’S pedal and fixed skin Timpani. The two fixed skin Timpani were retuned to allow recording of as many pitches as possible.
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Modwheel Strained Wire + GAROTTE

Strained Wire + Garotte

The Strained Wire + Garotte was created using 4 metre lengths of wire and nylon line trimmer stretched tightly over a bridge and sound board. This was struck, picked, hit with a mallet, bowed and generally tortured. A tuning turnbuckle was incorporated to allow tuning of the instrument.
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MVP Loops Bang Bang MVP

Introducing BANG BANG MVP, a truly unique product for production, beat making and performance. BANG BANG MVP are Urban Kits and Melodic Hits that are nothing less than incredible. 16 incredible kits, played, produced, and developed by Grammy nominated and winning musicians this product contains 249 total one shots, riffs, samples, loops, and hits that inspire inspiration from the jump. BANG BANG MVP has is a multi-formatted product so that you can be sure it's compatible with your beat making weapon of choice.
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Modwheel Worldly Goods

Worldly Goods is a 8 patch addition to our drum and percussion series where we have added in a few percussion sounds and instruments collected in our various travels.

Ice Gong - stalactites recorded in Antarctica by Anthony Powell. Tuned by MODWHEEL plays chromatically…….sort of.
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Refractor Audio Transport

TRANSPORT marks the maiden voyage of Refractor Audio brought to you by Klayton (Celldweller) as it ascends to the stars. Blast off to the outer limits of sound design with a Kontakt Instrument that gives access to over 2000 unique samples created by Klayton in the Celldweller Spaceship. Create new sonic worlds with Transport by combining 5 unique sequencers along with the Transport Probability Engine to mix, mash, and modulate them into new and exciting sounds.
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Audio Imperia Traveler Aurus

AUDIO IMPERIA's “Traveler Aurus“ is the first instrument in our new “Traveler” series, produced by composer and sound designer Dylan Jones.

The Traveler series follows an adventurer across the universe to unknown landscapes and far-off worlds. He is a seeker of not only sights, but also of sounds. Each volume serves as a catalog of sounds that our traveler records while journeying across an unexplored planet. Haunting and whimsical atmospheres, curious objects and materials, volatile and beautiful environmental phenomena, or even mysterious and graceful beasts, all of these surroundings offer not only a new world to see, but a new world to hear as well.
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Umlaut Audio uBEAT Bundle

Umlaut Audio has released a new drum loop library, uBEAT, for Native Instrument’s Kontakt software.

Combining a traditional MIDI file library with an eight-pad drum machine-style instrument, Umlaut developers say uBEAT offers “an intuitive workflow and three distinctive styles” to choose from – modern hip-hop, “pulsating” electro and “genre-bending” hybrid.
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Dream Audio Tools Handrums

Handrums is our new library featuring a wide selection of Drum Instruments released playing drums with hands, fingers and other body parts. As a result we obtained a drum sound with a marked raw and tribal character.
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F9 Audio Blast! Feat. Ben Edwards

F9 Audio Presents BLAST! feat Ben Edwards. An exceptional sample pack overflowing with live trumpet loops, phrases, solos and hits alongside nearly 1gig of additional Tech and House loops, samples and shots. Everything you hear in the audio demos above is included!
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Singomakers Ultimate Vocal Collection

Singomakers are very proud to present an Ultimate Vocal Collection!

A fantastic collection with huge variation of vocals from Shouts, Hooks, Cuts & Chops to Vocal Melodies, Crowd Vocals, Vocoder, Robot vocals and a lot more!
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Loopmasters Re-Twin Psytrance

Loopmasters present Re-Twin Psytrance – a formidable collection of the Psytrance samples, featuring punchy Drums, squelchy Bass, soaring Leads and twisted FX. Join us on an epic journey into the skies with 100% Royalty Free content with Re-Twin Psytrance!

Re-Twin, aka Aleksandr Drobin started making music in 2008…fast-forward to today and he’s headlining the biggest Psytrance Festivals, with his eps and albums on the genres biggest labels! With releases on Global Army and Noga Records, he has established himself as a rock-solid producer, making his Loopmasters debut. Re-twin brings you an expertly curated selection of sounds for Psytrance with maximum impact and total mastery of the genre.
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Strezov Sampling TUPANS X3M

Inspired by the sound of recent action blockbusters.Deeply sampled Tupans in different ensemble sizes (a8, a3, Solo). Featuring consistent extensive articulations across all instruments, three sets of handcrafted Sound Design Percussion and the renowned X3M Percussion Engine.
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Production Voices Death Piano KONTAKT

Tortured, Demented & Beautifully Flawed. Death Piano is a alternative take on Piano Sample Libraries that celebrates the obscure. Full of reverse samples, lo-fi gritty goodness, synthesis shaped tones, morphed massacred sounds and more. Designed for Kontakt 5, Death Piano is an inspiring collection of piano oddities that is sure to inspire film composers, pianists, songwriters, producers and more.
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