SampleHero 88 Solo Violin Horror SFX

SampleHero 88 Solo Violin Horror SFX

SampleHero's 88 Solo Violin Horror SFX library sounds as stunning as it is frightening! This library is designed to pick up where other's have left off by offering new and fresh articulations, loads of creepy phrases, incredible sampling clarity and instant inspiration!

This SFX Library is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any Horror, Thriller or Dramatic composer!

88 Ferocious Sounding Samples
Eerie Textures
Psycho/Loops, Psycho Singles
Phrases (1) & Phrases (2)
Nasty Pont
Smooth Risers
Marcato Risers
Tremolo Risers
Chaos Risers
Insane Plucks
3-Band EQ
Mod-Wheel Pitch Bend
Required Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.7.0 or Higher
240 MB of Disk Space

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