Outsider Sound Paramcounter Note-Counting Ramdomiser

Outsider Sound Paramcounter Note-Counting Ramdomiser

MIDI-synchronised parameter randomisation! Create rhythm based modulation patterns with ease.
Paramcounter is a Max for Live MIDI effect that generates a mappable random value within a user-specified range after a certain number of incoming MIDI notes. It's an elegant way of automating controls in sync with your MIDI patterns.

Paramcounter features a natural interface for clear and direct feedback. This simple tool can open up a lot of complexity in your modulation, especially when multiple instances are used or when combined with other tools like LFOs or apreggiators!

Create complex modulations through a simple interface and introduce generative techniques into your music making!

Version 1.1 update - new UI and multiple mappings!

Update notes:
Updated user interface
Added capability to map the output to up to 8 parameters each with minimum and maximum
Output value is now floating point value 0.0-1.0, instead of integer 0-127

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