Indiginus The Fiddle

Indiginus The Fiddle

Our goal with The Fiddle was to create an instrument that could rip through a Bluegrass solo, then moments later play a sweet melody or subtle background parts in real-time, with auto harmonies and without even changing any settings. We believe we've done that with The Fiddle. It's time to rosin up your virtual bow!

- Quick, responsive real legato with bow change and portamento transitions.
- Grace note, trill, staccato, and tremolo articulations can be triggered via key switches, key velocity, or both.
- Auto harmony.
- Vibrato and non-vibrato samples included.
- Choose looped or natural sustains.
- Repetition pattern generator for "sawing" parts.

Requires Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. Full Version

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